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Day 22: Cricket World Cup semi and a theft!

Rain can sometimes be a bane when you are a cricket aficionado! Distraught at the sight of India losing the Cricket World Cup semis against New Zealand when everything was going so right for us post the Kiwis batting! After all, 239 looked an easy chase for us and taking 8 wickets! Yet! There are days like that!

I watched the match on live streaming for two days, Tuesday and Wednesday when the crazy, stupid Manchester rain upset the balance! Sitting for an entire three hours plus and eyes glued to the iPad, postponing the cup of tea to see the business done as NZ were battling till mayhem strikes. A cloudy Manchester spelling gloom and doom for us after they decided to call it quits for the next day. It couldn’t go worse from there!  But, it did! India lost the match on Wednesday! Quite stupidly!

The Zealanders laid a genius trap quite early for us and we fell into it with three consecutive wickets lost at 5-3! Mayhem struck when Virat Kohli went out! A tensed moment! I sneaked out for a smoke and praying for a miracle moment, thinking MSD would save us like he did during the 2011 world Cup. Some horrible choice and I stopped watching to check the score online. We reached 170 plus with less than 10 overs. I came back to the match and a dint of hope surfacing. India was slowly back and it was a matter of time, we fought and bled blue with the amazing partnership between Dhoni and Jadeja till both went out. Full power to MSD and Jadeja for they fought with their soul for the pride of India but, unfortunately, lasted at 50 overs. It wasn’t meant to be our day.

The Kiwis fought nail and tooth to keep us at bay! Fantastic bowling, we gotta give it to them. Cricket is a crazy gentlemanly game and highly unpredictable. How Australia was outpaced by England! And, we thought they cannot be conquered. The stage is set for England and for them to lose as hot favorites to scoop this World Cup.

And to think I was watching an Indian match after six to seven years! I know it’s crazy and quite unbelievable but being huge and die-hard Sachin Tendulkar, almost quit watching after the master blaster hung his boots. But, it’s ok we lost and see no point in spurning hate against Team India. For sure, we didn’t really perform during our initial batting but time to move on! For sure, it hurts a lot but time for all of us to applaud the likes of Hima Das for getting gold! Diversifying our sports interest is wishful thinking!

July is a month of deception for us. We were robbed of a huge amount of money inside the house and stolen by someone we trusted who visited us every day. Never thought that the person would stab us in the back. The irony is that the matter cannot be reported for some reason and makes me wonder on people’s moral, how the fuck they can sleep peacefully without any remorse or guilt. I will write a post in detail on how the theft took place. On that note, keep the faith.

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