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And All Publishing launches Surendra Kumar Sagar’s book “Bright Light in the Sky”

Launched and published by And All Publishing at the reputed Raah Literacy and Cultural Centre in Pune on March 17, 2019, author Surendra Kumar Sagar book “Bright Light in the Sky” is about nuclear geopolitics in the world on ways for human survival and rising from self-destruction. The author comes with what is described as out of the box ideas to avoid the death knell of human civilization.

The book carries a theme where an important question is asked: “Who would have ever thought that extinguishing a bright light in the sky is our only chance for peace?” For Sagar, the bright nuclear lights must be switched on. The book is already garnering rave reviews from leading publications such as Bangalore Mirror and The Hindu. Former President of the Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs Professor M S Swaminath doles praises on the book, “I wish this book is successful in achieving a nuclear peril free world.”

An engineer by profession, Sagar masters modern quantum mechanism which he used as the backdrop to propound the concept of an Intelligent Field. Born in 1941, the author completed graduation in Mathematics, Physics, and Statistics from Bombay University in 1959 and in 1964, he graduated in Civil Engineering from Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology, Patiala. He has an impressive 55 years experience in design and construction of building structures, both industrial and Real Estate. He has been holding the post of Technical Director (Design and Engineering), with Total Environment Group of companies, Bangalore since 1999.

Sagar authored three books namely “Six Words” published in 2004, “Intelligent Field” in 2017 and now “Bright Light In The Sky” in 2019.  Intelligent Field spread the inherent ideas about the intelligent field and a Travelling Cosmic Mind, being a central theme of the book adding to a new dimension as humans explore knowledge in fields such as philosophy, religion, spirituality, humanism and several paths deemed to integrate life and universe.

“Bright Light in the Sky” launched in Pune was unique for it featured an electrifying dance performance on the theme of peace, showcased by children from the NGO Raahat Foundation. Surendra Kumar Sagar at the event presented a video and presenting on the theme covering the life-altering book on nuclear geopolitics.

Book reviews related inquiries and hosting the author can be sought by reaching out to the editorial assistant at And All Publishing, Prachi at

The book link can be accessed on Amazon.





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