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Chapter discussion: So think you are Brand! Ask Vinita Vyas!

A simple question: How often do you Improvise in this quest to become a dependable and reliable brand? Brand You-Reinventing The Theatre Way penned by my good friend Vinita Vyas, corporate trainer, NLP and Theater Actor is not a self-help book but an experiment of carefully nurtured training over the years on what makes The You into Brand You.


In the chapter Self Awareness: What is Your Brand Story?, Vinita narrates on Being Mindful on delivering, be it dialogue, human interaction or selling a product matters. How does one maximize emotional intelligent by staying in the moment? The chapter is insightful and helps a person to be present in the moment, advocating on efforts to be likable. The best thing about Vinita how she lends substance to the word IMPROV and the need to pay attention and understanding emotional seeds sown during human interaction. It’s all about the bond, isn’t it!

There may not be many but few people who have such an ever lasting impact on us during two minutes conversation. I can recollect this interaction with the souls having a gentle but powerful impact in their approach, human and gentle yet means business. I remember a couple of weeks met a former and well respected banker during an interview and how the charisma-he wore the heart on the sleeve-had such a huge impact on me.

Vinita aptly says that the first time we meet someone is the right moment to create an impression paving the way for credibility. I say, Bang On! What is that when we walk in a place pocked with people, we desire people warming up to us. The trick lies in being a Brand and boasting about down-to-earth qualities making us relatable as someone to be trusted. Honestly, this is one of the areas which I lack and it’s overwhelming in approaching a stranger to converse. I suck at it.  I wish to add that networking is grossly overrated and what matters is connecting, bonding and nurturing relationships.

In the world of EQ and IQ, Vinita coins LQ standing for Likeability Quotient, teaching us that as uniquely creative individuals, USP and Brand You matters more than anything else.

“We interact with people we like; We acknowledge them, promote them, and even go out of the way for them. So, naturally, we want them to succeed. Isn’t it.”

Likeability is about competence and I firmly believe in our inherent capacity to listen as caring souls in today’s world. Vinnie lists a few universal rules of likeability to each and every person, that has the possibility to make an unpolished diamond shine as a reputable brand:


-We like people who like us.


-We like people who are like us.


-We like people who can teach us without preaching.


-We like people who lift our spirits.


-We like people who pay attention to us.


-We like people who are approachable.


-We like people who are genuine and appreciative.


-We like people with whom we associate positive feelings.


-We like people who are genuinely courteous.


-We like people who we are familiar with.


-We like people who don’t take themselves very seriously.


The exercises on Likeability is very helpful for us to up the game and practice serves as the reminder to push towards the cliff on the edge. I need to buck up for at times I am gullible and not perceived as too likeable, according to the test.


“They say that knowledge is not enough…willing is not enough.”

The key remains Image Aspects, Leadership Aspects and Relationship Aspects in turning into a brand and how about a small exercise on what makes you into a “household name” in communication your core values as a person. Just try it out. I am yet to do it. What I like is how Vinita says that we are all actors in daily life and dealing with co-actors where the end result is, ultimately, the efficient delivery of the end product. What an idea Sirjee!

It’s the sharing of snippets from chapters and not a book review. Every fortnight, I will bring a new chapter on Reinventing Brand You and today marks a special day for it’s Vinita’s birthday. Join me in wishing the extraordinary and feisty soul a Happy birthday. If this chapter speaks to you, click on Amazon to get your copy. It’s not a book but a sacred thread and prayer on What makes the You in You a Brand.





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