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How often do you Hug?

How often do you Hug? Embracing a close friend brings emotional warmth, joy and soothes the nerves in the body cell, albeit playing a huge part in releasing the hormone oxytocin. Research has shown that 20 seconds hug plays a huge part to bring not only a sense of calm but cements bond among loved ones and friends, offering seamless happiness to souls, rekindling closeness and love.

We live in stressful times and crack easily at the slightest trigger of anger, emotional upheaval and overwhelming situations beyond human control. Life often gets to us and we often take our loved ones for granted. So, is hug which we overlook yet it creates everlasting happiness. Hug a tree if you may. I am a hug person who doesn’t think twice in embracing a friend, similar to a tight handshake. I hug well and doesn’t hold my emotions. It’s all about giving love and when I hug, doesn’t keep anything inside me. Love isn’t all about giving 100 percent. I am a person who wears my heart on my sleeve and hug is an intrinsic part in my definition of showering affection.

I don’t like kissing people on the cheek but hug is my way to greet. However, I feel we have lost this art of hugging and ask how many of you hug daily to alleviate not just stress or emotional burnout but connecting hearts. Being expressive is therapeutic in itself to dissolve our worries and at times, we get conscious by holding on to our emotions which are not poured enough to the other person. Hug does the trick and trust me, it’s such an aha, magical feeling in smearing love all over. Try it out. Hugging makes the soul complete and bridges the gap in relations with friends drifting apart as a result of distance which is normal.

All we need is a little bit of love to make our worries disappear out of thin air. I miss hugging people who have been an important part of my life and it’s like the fresh air or much-needed energy that spring us into action to achieve the extraordinary and weathering all kind of storms. Honestly, I remember hugging a friend who came down from UK last month, bonding over drinks and conversation. Remember Jhadu ki Jappi in Munna Bhai MBBS and how he won hearts in the medical campus, spreading love and laughs.

Nothing can replace a warm hug and having healing powers to nurse the scars, making our battles worthwhile,  and giving this inner strength to fight the harrowing trials we face from time-to-time. I often remember fondly and smiling at the hugs in the college days that was a daily affair. True, I miss those days but it brings a smile to my face every time, giving me the serum, leaping in happiness and jetissoning me to tackle the day. Remember your Hugs. Never shy in hugging the loved ones.




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12 thoughts on “How often do you Hug?

  1. I love hugs! And, whenever I meet my parents, my friends, I hug them tight…when we meet and when we say our good byes.
    And, yes, a hug is the best emotional medicine we humans can give each other! ❤

    1. Thanks so much Shilpa! I strongly feel Hugs can heal our soul and offer us so much strength. I prefer hugging someone or this kiss greet or hand shake for that matter. It’s this emotional medicine we give, beautifully said.

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