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Love cliche…it happens only once

An entire generation has been fed on the twisted definition about rigid romance that we fall in love only once in a lifetime.  What a cliché to live by! Love deserves a second, third and zillion chances. Every new relationship brings a spark and all that jazz. A break up is no reason for us to swear that we will never ever love again, driving self to the wall and bury in sob stories.

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The death of a partner or a broken heart is no reason not to meet new people and close our hearts in building a wall around us. The vibes and spark that flows shouldn’t hold us back in getting to meet new people, albeit follow our soul. We’ve feasted in 90s movies that taught us we live once, die once or falling in love once. It’s the biggest flaw not to love ourselves or feel beautiful to be with a special someone, longing for heartbeats. Love makes us breathe and kick us to life, making every moment count. Love is an oxymoron and keeps us going from strength to strength. There is no point in being sullen and closing the door in exploring the various facets of emotions.

As difficult as it is to overcome trauma and wounds of the past, we owe it to the self for relationships are complex and ever-changing at every single moment. We can never know what’s waiting for us and explore beauty in its essence residing in people. Relationships can work as therapy to heal. Broken heart is not the end of life. Go and find the spark filling the heart with the extraordinary and awesomeness in this special person. Human bonds are meant to be explored and there is no such thing as destiny or we are fated not to be loved. The human tendency to be hard on the self fetters growth and finding love is no hindrance. Be unafraid to come closer to the emotions to carve an identity in being ourselves, understanding who we are as a person and smearing red petals to create happiness. Be a child in love for there is no age to discovering the beauty of relationships.

Humans beings are afraid of new relationships and never say No to love for the heart knows no reason. We tend to run away from ourselves and what’s the point in inflicting self-harm. Our capacity to love is abound and what makes us humans. We are no saints. Screw ups happen big time and that’s alright. Or else, we would cease to exist. Love in itself is fragmented and cliche. So, why live with the cliche that love happens only once. Love happens every time and the heart is not remote controlled. Or, why our emotions or brain behave abnormally and cluster of thoughts keep hitting us in the unlikeliest of times and places.

We cannot live without water or food. Being human is not a buzz word or tag line but a reality we often choose to ignore perhaps because of the brain cells play havoc to us at times and how can we survive without the deepest emotions. So what, a terrible heartbreak happened! Do we stop living and laughing over every small thing! Don’t miss the fun of whispering little things, stealing kisses, fights and getting over things for emotions serves as an antidote to pain and empowering us with sentiments.  Love with all your might and heart. Do not hold back or suppress the emotions lying inside us.

The scariest that could ever happen, apart from Americans fucking up the war in Iraq, is the entire love happens only once to make millions selling records of mushy mushy songs. Ha! Kidding! Truth is there is no such thing as love happens just once, pretty much like the song Fyar. I call it, multiple loves not at the same time, of course. Many places exist in the world to find love but certainly not by sitting home to curse what went wrong in the past relationship. Meeting singles are the first thing that both you and I should do but don’t mean pushing someone to be in a relationship with your or making an ass of yourself, behaving obsessively or like a jilted lover on the first date.  Just don’t push it and let it happen slowly.

Remove the mask of Devdas standing as a loner with a bottle whining about a lover ditching him. It’s passe now. Be on the loop of love and never shy in making the heartbeat, sway to its tune, letting the hair down to empty the mind of hesitation to drool over special someones.

With love



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18 thoughts on “Love cliche…it happens only once

    1. Thanks Debo! I think many of us been taught we love only once and what about other chances in life! So what we’ve been heart broken and stirring the debate!Dil toh bacha hai ji😀

    1. Thanks Miriam. I feel we have become too stiff with this idea of love happening once and indeed, we need to be more open to the idea of loving with your hearts not once but several times.

  1. Hi Vishal,
    Daphnee here from Port Louis! Loving your short stories, poems and musings here. And I totally agree on this one: love has no limits or one-only rule. Keep it up.

    Oh and like I was telling you about, here is my current personal development blog:

    Have a nice day!

    1. Hey Daphne’s thanks for the follow and followed you back. Thanks for your appreciation and there should be no rule when it comes to love and no limits like u said. I will soon check your blog 😀

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