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Why I am reading so much in 2019?

Reading is no competition but an art to be savored every single moment, gently flitting the pages, every word caressed by the eye and scent of paper wafting in the nostril and breathing expression. This year has been a roll and almost on the cusp of reading 10 books. Yet, it’s no competition but a pleasure to feel words.

I have stopped the Goodread challenge which is over the top and showing off reading skills to the world. Truth be told, I am not reading hugely to compete with everyone but for the sheer joy of it. Enough time has been lost missing on the beauty of rich literature or swayed by words and don’t wanna let the fun flit out of the window.  I’ve never read so much as of now. Why I am reading so much? There is no finality but to be transported in a unique and enthralling experience, pretty much like life after death. The genre is different and slowly moving away from my favorite rom-coms. Some super short Kindle books and almost wrapping up Paulo Coelho’s Hippie, an amazing journey about individuality and finding self. The book is deeply soul and something that will stay with you forever.

There is another book review pending for Randeep Vadehra’s The Curse: A dystopian thriller which is an amazing read, racy and pacy at the same time. The author has lent depth to thriller and after ages, finding a genre worth its name. I have turned into a slow reader and lapping so much of books is a personal challenge. We tend to while away moments by ending up on social media and books are the answer to cut on unproductive slacking, basking in the glory of words, is inspiring to hone one’s writing skills. At times, ideas brim in the head but can be a herculean task to translate into words.

Reading is an oxymoron like love, mental masturbation and discovering the self, painting an imagery unfurling in front of us. I have this peculiar habit of hoarding books lying on the shelf for years.  The Ministry of Utmost Happiness by Arundhati Roy is one such book which I grabbed 2 years ago and will be next one to discover. Roy has always been a favorite and the lyrical expression is a hit with me. Another favorite of mine is Salman Rushdie whose expressions, descriptions and vocabulary are seamlessly beautiful, lending charm and soul to the settings.

We don’t need a single reason to read a lot. One must love reading and honestly, prefer the world of books over mundane gossip or mindless conversation which is counterproductive to the mind or better still bonding with someone over the vastness of literature makes for aesthetic conversation. Cultivate and hone the skills of reading makes one an artist, respecting the priceless words lending value to the mind. I owe my love for words to Maa who borrowed books for me from the local library from Enid Blyton to Agatha Christie and Jane Eyre or Mills & Boons, believe it or not as a young child and making me sit in the kids’ corner reading. I have no intention to slow down my reading pace. A tip: Try to keep 30 minutes in the evening or afternoon reading and I promise lusting for words.




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8 thoughts on “Why I am reading so much in 2019?

  1. Such a coincidence! I’m reading a lot too and for the same reasons. I’ve quit the Goodreads challenge too 😀 😀

    I’ve read four books so far. Finishing Jo Nesbo’s Harry Hole series now. Have you read Jo?

    Lovely post, Vishal. Especially the lines “Reading is an oxymoron like love, mental masturbation and discovering the self, painting an imagery unfurling in front of us.” So very true…

    1. A happy coincidence Maniparna. Reading 4 books in a month is a amazing and I believe it’s not about competition like Preeti Shenoy wrote yesterday. She has been a motivating factor for me to read. Thanks for this book suggestion and never read it. Just finished Paulo Coelho’s Hippie which I recommend. I have stopped doing Goodread challenge since last year since feel it has become a competition wrestling ground, taking away the joy of reading but more show off. I still record the books read to keep a track and keep few words for authors. I am so glad you love those words 🙂

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