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Flash fiction: Lone night’s companion

I wander aimlessly and tipsy on the middle of the deserted road, the sole travelers are the lights glittering on my expressionless face.  I am soulless and drifting every second, high on cocaine and cheap alcohol. My head is twirling in a trance. Trudging on the boulders, the palm saves me from cascading down the still sea water. I am perched on top and eyes popping at the Queen’s necklace.

A human by accident and running away from every single defeat. Perhaps, conquering the demons is glamorous to make a killing on the best seller’s market. I sit alone and nurse my wounds, whining at every knock suffered. Guzzling alcohol is the most loyal companion. How about the pet for company slouching on the pavement? The poor thing is better than me and genderless. Unfazed by flies, this black dog is unfazed by realities of humans and grabs morsels discarded in the bin. At least, animals fend for themselves, unlike me, I owe something to someone and running away from the constant hounding.

An engine whirr behind me. I am motionless. I wanna run but an unknown force clutches my weak limb. A tap on my shoulder. I turn around and saw her smiling face. “Are you sloshed?” she nonchalantly ask. I wanna be rude but feign ignorance and stare at her. She drags me forcefully and unflinchingly says, “Let’s get down.” In one minute, I am drowning inside the water and head drenched, choked. I wail for help and strive to loosen myself from her grip. She is not human. I am convinced by now that she is out to rip life out of my soul.

The next morning, I wake up on the spacious bed inside an infinite and sprawling garden, surrounded by huge trees, cherries carefully lay strewn on the grass. She flits her hand on the bed and scythes inside my skin. Icy cold sensation drips on my skin and shivering to death.  “Relax, nothing will happen,” the surreal woman smiles. I am speechless. “I saved your life and brought you in this garden of perfection. You are far away in a beautiful world. Go figure out.” She disappears.





Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

14 thoughts on “Flash fiction: Lone night’s companion

      1. Thanks a lot. Your comments always inspire me. I will try to write fiction in weekend as now days I could only manage to write poems.

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