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Day 3: Hello February!

A lazy start to the year. I didn’t really write much. No office trip and sat at home, working and only this week, attended two professional meetings since Day One of the year.  Can you imagine! The perks of no compulsory office trip worked wonders and a treat being a freelancer sitting at home. Awfully hot weather in my part of the world and confining me to home since the priority is to avoid the sweltering heart, gulping lots of water and binge-watching on Netflix.

So many good stuffs I watched this year both on Amazon Prime and Netflix, almost finishing Wild Wild Country on Osho, both seasons of Little Things with Mithila Palkar, Powder, Soni an amazing film on women empowerment, gender equation in the police force and fighting patriarchy, Pahuna a Nepali slice of life film and wrapped up the first season of The Marvellous Mrs Maisel. I shall head to watch the Second Season, House of Cards and some fucking interesting good stuffs this month. February has just started like a flick of dust.

I cannot uncork a bottle of wine and one of my biggest failures doesn’t seem to leave me.  Tried yesterday and miserably failed at it. I was almost heart-broken, struggling with the corked bottle pushing the cap inside the red liquid. Bas! I was done and reason always to go with the twisting screw cap. Problem solved. Don’t laugh when I say pulling off a corked bottle is nothing less than Spiderman trudging buildings or sweating off like the biceps dude in a gym, showing the botoxed body, not that I have one. Uncorking a wine bottle can be as hard as fuck. The corkscrew looks fascinating yet intriguing like a hardcore criminal unlocking a safe to run away with million dollars. I shall fail as a thief.

Tried every trick in the book, googled how to uncork the bottle and following the You Tube tutorial to crack the code. I put the cork screw nail on the lid and started to pull it off but to no avail. Next, the help of a small knife to conjure the trick but again failure was written all over my face. Sweating over a bottle of wine and the last option like always, push the cork inside the bottle. Done. I put a strainer cupped on my wine glass and poured myself a drink.  The story of my life. I have pledged not to ever buy a corked bottle but one with a twisting cap. Too much of a headache using a corkscrew.

January was a record month reading 8 books, something I’ve never done in life, right from legal thriller, slice of life, biography and kindle books. I am on a reading spree and have no intention to slow done. Reading is about pleasure and taking time to read but till am famished, will not quench the hunger for amazing literature. I got myself Paulo Coelho’s Hippie and Shantaram for the third time in a decade. Shantaram serves wing to my Mumbai fascination and quite a story in itself for I never got back the two copies lent to friends.  Never on earth, I ain’t gonna lend this copy to anybody.




Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

12 thoughts on “Day 3: Hello February!

  1. Interesting read. About corkscrew, we had the same issue a few years ago in a hotel room. Putting the nail down on the cork and then popping it out did not work. My wife held the bottle and myself the corkscrew handle to pull out the jammed nail did the trick, but with a manageable disaster. There was some spill of the red stuff on the carpet, which was cleaned, but we left our mark.

    1. It’s crazy opening a bottle of wine and need to try it out next time will try it out. It can be disastrous, I know it too well. Ha! You are a champion Sir and quite a code to crack 🙂

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