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Day 1 January 2019

January 4:

I am taking it slowly, one thing at a time as the festive holiday affords the luxury of not rushing too much but at leisurely pace. A fleeting glance at office emails, gulping the scotch, blogging at my pace and started with a new book, Madhu Vajpayee’s I Owed You One.

On New Year eve, I discovered a quaint and cozy coffee shop, Paul, a French brand meeting a couple of Indian folks as baristas. The best thing about the coffee outlet is that there is a main lounge and inside, a smoking room that works for me not only because of fag accompanying coffee but a quiet place where I can afford the luxury of reading peacefully without being bothered by disturbing voices. Such corners without noise, far away from the bustling crowd sitting in the main lounge, have always been a favorite with me. The cherry on cake is that there are huge windows and the fresh air wafts through them, breeze flowing it and admiring the huge trees downstairs. I finally found my happy space.

There was a time when I had a phobia of taking the elevator running down to the ground floor at shopping malls. While taking the downward elevator, it reminded me how I overcame this fear in Pune a couple of years back in the company of my closest friend M. We were hanging out at E-Square, shopping for stuffs and was shit scared in taking the elevator down when she wheedled me into taking a deep breath, follow her and stand on the elevator swinging to the down floor. It took me a while to be convinced to ease out and put my foot on the elevator. We again took the elevator to the top and going down, repeating the exercise a couple of times that instilled the confidence in me. So much for good friends that can help us to conquer the demons and grateful to M for helping me to battle out the fears or else I would never be able to do it.

The couple of regular trips to the coffee shop on the first floor at the mall and just yesterday when I took the escalator down made me hark to the past and winning the battle with the help of M. Friends has always been my constant pillar of support and that’s where I draw my strength from. It’s really strange how taking the elevator this week brought me back to the past and battling out this phobia.

Happy New Year

With love



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