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Day 43: Eavesdropping in the cafe and writer at work!

A sighting of two ladies walking past me at the regular coffee shop and preening on their conversation with two tables facing each other at a clear distance. A rare sighting of beautifully gorgeous and classy ladies in an animated chat distracted me from the regular reading dose.

What are the odds? Spotting beautiful women is always an added incentive. Cherry on cake, it’s no fake subtlety and shamelessness in saying the conversation drew the ear an inch closer. Yes! You heard it right! I preened on the conversation between them discussing marital relationship, a friend’s son dating a girl and parents’ objections or someone claiming to be better off for being unmarried. I got to know she is taking a huge bank loan to grab this dream apartment for millions and millions! Oh boy! A richie babe having no qualm in letting the millionaire secret on how they sold an apartment for a killing and making a profit after investing in a new one. No, she was not boasting but a natural aura and confidence in telling things. I love this attitude in an independent, fierce woman.

Boy! She got that spunk and unfazed about people makes someone real. Motive enough for me to eavesdrop on the conversation that has now become a favorite pastime at the cafe. I shifted my table on the day by accident since someone was at my usual spot. Glad I did. The conversation veered to her husband D-yes, she took his full name-and it turned out that both can’t stand each other in the house and when one ‘partner’ enters inside, the second leaves to be somewhere else. We can’t stand the sight of each other, she said. There was no lack of confidence in her voice and she totally owns her relationship. The in-your-face attitude in telling without flinching or battling an eyelid on how at some point, she was asking for a divorce since he hardly communicates. But, husband reacted on why this extreme step that led to stepping back.

No wonder great stories are found in cafes and lending a dash of realism to make them best seller stuffs. Aspirant writers like me are only too happy not at someone’s relationship issue of course but to be inspired in creating something.  A serious question comes to the fore on our relationships, what this one thing making us stick in a bad marriage and from what I garnered quite rightfully, is that she has the moolah and is in no way dependent. Then, why stay in a suffocating marriage which makes both cranky and unhappy. Maybe children or huge money involved or parents! But then it’s easy to judge on people who drifted apart.

Shooting in the dark has never been my forte. What I saw in this lady who got no less mojo is that she is not the shy type to speak with a friend in a public place about her relations which shows growth, empowerment and positivity, devoid of exaggerated emotions. I think it beautifully adds to the personal charm.

And, I put the cloak of an eavesdropper on that day leaving my old table forever and sit in the center pocked with people while having my newspaper, book and diary as the ultimate back up, pretending to jot something in case someone gets a hang about my motive. Of course, I always sit to read and work in the local cafe. There has been no luck since a fortnight in listening to personal conversations and not abandoning hope in my search for juicy and serious gossips. The journalist in me is forever alive and stealthy writer at work to find cafe stories for the future novel or shortie anthology. Who knows! I am officially into espionage mode.






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