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Day 42: Minimalist December

We ushered in December. There is no question of making it as hard as fuck to believe that the month will soon be history and confined to a calendar discarded and thrown in the garbage. I mean, the calendar changes every day, week, month or year what with the overrated marketing hype about a year slipping, partying till you drop and splurge on expensive stuff. Every day is new. Why this over refrained tragedy of the year gonna be over! It will!

I am going minimalistic this end of year, except for the things which I need to buy for myself and the home. Not buying into those ads of going for expensive wine or Scotch for the new season. I am not getting new clothes for myself or shoes since shopping will be kept the time I fly to India next year. Being somebody who splurges money and doesn’t compromise on quality, I am keeping tabs to be at a bare minimum and something many of us can do. How about contributing a minimum for a good cause like sponsoring the education of children, someone’s startup making a difference to lives and help raise awareness?!

I missed doing yoga practice this week. Not just this week but since a month or two post the surgery when was advised to take things slowly. The unkempt promises of making a come back with a bang and it tosses in the air. Tomorrow, shall not make any excuse and raring to get back into the normal routine. Did I mention of being on a sweet detox after Diwali! Think I did but the most difficult thing in a supermarket is that you really need to sieve through to get salted biscuits and namkeen of your choice owing to the fact that 80 percent of eatable on the shelf is sweet stuff. I did a good job of heading into my fourth week keeping off sweets rather successfully and is a quite a feat considering that I had have a sweet tooth.

The trick to cut the sweet craving is having a raw onion sliced and soaked into Vinegar. Yes! Our old age Indian traditional habits which never goes out of fashion and something I learned in the book of my nutritionist friend Kavita Devgan, the Ultimate Grandmother Hacks. Do get the book. The onion tricks work like magic except had my share of popcorn and dark chocolate, not that it counts as sweet or does it?!

Taste keeps altering over time and suddenly growing fond of red wine pairing it with a single piece of dark chocolate, making it unique on the palate. The red wine and dark chocolate combo have suddenly become a passion. To think, there was a time when wine was a once in a blue moon affair and stayed away from it. Of course, the first love is always Whiskey but wine makes a good companion. How we tend to change and start loving the way we wouldn’t!

A new passion has been nurtured at the coffee shop and changes the table where I sit which is a closely guarded secret. Will tell more about it tomorrow! A simple hint: I am an aspired and wannabe crazy writer.







Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

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