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Happy Diwali 2018: Moments captured forever

Diwali is about love, carving ‘mithai’ moments lending a touch of sweetness, crush and craving or naughtiness to our childhood moments making an enthralling affair and we waited for an entire year for the festival of light to happen.  Remember the teenage days of slipping away with a box of the best and carefully selected mithai to drop at your crush’s house and telling her Dad that your parents have specially sent for them! Kuch rishtey banane se hoti. Wink. If she ever smiles behind the curtain, well take your chance for it’s Diwali.

Remembering the brand new clothes and when your Mom with the help of Dad making mithai in the childhood days when probably Soan Papdi or buying outside never existed in the dictionary! Yes! I remember waiting for the day and seeing Mom making delicacies and savories on the eve and Diwali day to wearing the best of Kurta Pyjama to look cool and ek dum hero style. Yes! Perhaps, the only day to look traditional and dapper best in the ordinary white Kurta Pyjama. The fancy colored never hit home since we belonged to a middle-class family or the lack of exposure and no pretense ever existed in our simple Diwali. Ah! 90s Diwali.

Of course, the shararat during the day couldn’t be missed for always coming first to stealing sweets before being offered to the Gods and Goddesses and the triumph of landing the sweets first. I could have been the Lord and wondering how come the latter never had the idea of grabbing their share first. Of course, I will always miss the Indian celebration of Diwali, during the college days and where the entire gang decked in colorful Indian traditional attire would visit Adi’s home and a whole silver plate of sweet filled with a variety and diverse mithai in front of us, you name it, you get it and uncle forcing us to munch. Aunty would make the best of coffee and I personally waited to have it with my share of sweets. Diwali wasn’t done yet and the day would end with beer and playing Truth and Dare till the wee hours. The moments stayed forever!

This time, I went minimal with shopping and got myself a cool Jodhpur ethnic shoes to pair with the Kurta Pyjama making it a sobering Diwali minus crackers. Don’t remember the last time I burst patakha and has always been dead against them. The only disappointment is the place where I normally buy my Indian mithai hasn’t been really putting the sweets this time and made two to three trips this week to see them go dutch.  All the years, the sweet mart was filled with a huge crowd, of Indian expats and locals, vying for the mouth-watering delicacies but this time was plain shut. The only solace in front of the shop was a table and met this Rajasthani guy offering Katli, barfi, motichur ladoo. mohantlal or besan ki barfi which I ultimately settled for. Ped and Kaju rolls are what I wanted but mysteriously disappeared.  Guess, got make do with the ones available in Phoren land and of course, Soan Papdi mandatory in every Indian house in Desh and abroad.


Happy Diwali




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