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Day 35: Some emotions, a surgery and farewell

A needle shall be pricked in the skin and a blade sensation reaching the unconscious soul, maketh travel light, experience anguish, agony and bright side of the universe to detach and cut off from everything. The stitch would run like football on this pitch called my body. You shall play and dance with the souls in the imagination to make it a real affair, flirting with the extraordinary and unique jittery sensation. Pretend drunk, breathe easy and detach for you shall not be aware of the game they shall play with your blood, vein and skin.

Come Tuesday, I am going for a minor surgery. Nothing to worry about. A bump was growing the size a bit less than an earphone on my back, behind the neck and the diagnostic showed a lipoma. The doctor calls for a surgery and the bump gotta be removed. It’s something I realized that many people have on the skin after speaking to some friends and acquaintances. Today, met a couple of friends doc at the funeral of my close friend’s Mom who died on Saturday and they told that the lipoma, size of a ball, shall be removed like a child game. To think, I shall be undergoing a surgery after ages, the last time faced the knife was as a child. I shall gear up for D Day and conditioning the self to sustain the pain post that. Hoping the pain shall not be excruciating.

A week flitted in the nick of time and it hasn’t been a good one on Saturday with aunty passing away suddenly which came as a rude shock. The image of the kind lady sitting and chatting with me, making chai, walking or sitting to speak softly, always giving the best of advice. The calm and gentle voice still lingers. It brings me back to the first time I visited their house to meet Prashant and became friends with Prabhas and Pratibha, uncle always motivated me in the positively harsh way on weathering the storms or facing the demons. Two decades plus of great friendship. Of course, aunty always patiently listened to me and making me sit to explain things in the most gentle manner, sharing her student days in India, narrating tales about her hometown in Assam, traveling to Mumbai, the connecting flights or train, filling my plate with amazing food, advising what to eat for a stable health, and the Ayurvedic tips. There are so many beautiful things about life which aunty shared that demands for a brand new post.

Today, when I saw aunty lying on her bed and visitors thronging for one last visit, the impression we got is that she was sleeping and would soon wake in few minutes to make this cup of tea or opening this packet of biscuit. She looks graceful than ever and vivid. But, guess, the memories made will be captured forever and thinking about the happy moments, the ever-smiling lady who spread her energy around.

Memory haunts like an arrow piercing the heart. I watched Sriram Raghavan’s brilliant and cleverly crafted Andhadun with fantabulous performances from the entire crew right from Ayushman Khurana, Tabu and Radhika Apte. There is no doubt the movie is soulful, deep and intriguing beautiful but made the eyes moist. No! Nothing saccharine or mushy mushy emotions about it. It was about Pune. Yes! The movie was shot at locations like Prabhat Road and Cafe Good luck. The brick apartment facing the road and buildings, scooter ride bringing back a vivid picture of exploring this journey and stopping in front of the bungalow gave a sense of powerful vibes in those days. Tears flew watching the movie inside the theater for you know how the lenses captured Pune in its charming essence. Some days were like that.

I shall write in a week’s time or so post the surgery. Wish me luck and love.

Ciao and much love




Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

18 thoughts on “Day 35: Some emotions, a surgery and farewell

    1. Thanks Poonam and Aunty such a wonderful soul. Going peacefully is divine you know. Thanks much for best wishes pre surgery and do watch the movie. I need all the wishes to vanquish dear!

  1. Hi Vish, Im sorry to hear of Aunty’s passing. I know the gentle love, advice, chai and treats will be sorely missed. Remember her with love and appreciation that we have been blessed with presences like this. Hospital stays are always nerve wracking. Follow the advice, recover and know that we will be waiting to hear the update. 27 31 845841799, kav

    1. Thanks so much Kav. I will give you the updates and already saved your number. Gearing for the hospital visit tomorrow. Those moments stay forever and she shall be missed always!

  2. I have quite a few of these lipomas on my legs and hands but have been told its ok for now and no surgery needed as long as it doesnt cause any pain or hindrance. Wish you all the best and a speedy recovery Vishal

    1. Thanks Akshata. A minor surgery and one week of no physical activity, taking rest between work from home what with a crazy work. Mind on the back was the size of an earphone and went wel! Yes if it’s fine and doesn’t hurt it’s fine. I’ve realized many people have them the time was freaking out.

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