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Why so much hate and double standards against Veere di Wedding?

Why does a movie need to flare up personal sentiments and stoke so much hatred on what constitutes morality or immorality? Shashanka Ghosh’s Veere Di Wedding celebrates women, freedom, and individuality in all its forms by declaring a war on patriarchy by saying it in a humor-laden manner that every opposing voice is stung and suddenly feels the movie is an assault on their personal turf.

It’s not the first time that the audience has made it a personal thing by spreading hate and venom against a movie that celebrates the individualistic women who have desires and needs, like any normal human being. The sudden hatred against its lead actors are not just laughable but reeks of sexual and patriarchal misogyny. First thing first, what constitutes morality and what doesn’t should cease to be a universal issue since this entire moral vs immoral is very subjective. Since when a masturbation scene has disturbed us so much that we have started volleying abuse against Swara Bhaskar for doing the scene. How does the scene offend us in the first place?

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Mass media has always made masturbation a male thing when it should have been gender neutral. Hello, hypocrisy! Suddenly, we have a serious problem when we see a woman shaking it up but it’s fun and legitimate with the American Pie series or Irfan Khan’s character taking the picture of his boss’ wife to have ‘fun’ inside the toilet. People should learn to take a chill pill. I heard someone saying on social media he felt like puking watching this dirty M act. Look within! If M is such a dirty act, then all of us should throw out every time we relieve ourselves in the morning or during the entire day. The entire problem lies with us as humans and hatred for this movie reached a new low and extreme level,  making vile attacks treading on this entire puritan or moral route showing how we have been educated wrongly on sex. Loosen up!

There is a need to lose not the virginity but inhibition, sexual repression or this whole moral argument. Why this drastic difference in rules for both boys and girls, men and women? Since when sex, casual or consensual, has become so dirty? The problem lies with our minds. We boys sleeping around make us dudes but when a woman does that, she suddenly becomes a slut! Wake up people and live in the real world or else we are all becoming like Mulayam Singh Yadav’s ‘boys make mistakes’ on rape.

This entire hatred of Veere di Wedding was so unwanted in the first place and we have suddenly become self-appointed experts on what girls talk or do among themselves. Let’s face it: Men have their dirty dude talk that we wouldn’t like the girls, no matter how close they are to us, know. If men can have some fun talks, girls have the equal right to do it among themselves. Call it what you may, bathroom selfie or girls’ chat, how do we know what secrets chicks spill among themselves!

It’s not a question about cuss words, Hindi expletives or the F-word that it should offend us by behaving like ‘society’s thekedar’. Some people have taken the high moral ground and still, want women to be the abla nari in movies to be saved by the angry young man thrashing half-dozen goons on screen. The most unfortunate aspect is that we still want women to play victims in movies which perpetuates the one-man show and the moment they take on the male bastion, we cry hoarse about the fuck word.  Get a life people and be real for we don’t live in a Saas bahu bubble. It’s not for the first time that characters are swearing in movies and why nobody cried hoarse when a movie like Omkara in the Hindi heartland or balatkar of 3 idiots were muttered. We had a good laugh over the cool quotient. As it is, so many of us use Hindi and English expletives in our daily lives and why this hypocrisy of moral police now over so-called bad influence. Time for all of us to discard this complex that we suffer from.

The biggest irony is that it’s no longer about the movie but the criticism became more political since we all know that Swara Bhaskar never flinched in airing her social views. More power to women and men like her. She has faced insults, abuse and rape threats on social media forums such as Twitter for daring to take on the political establishment and Veere di wedding is just an excuse for people to get even with her since the views don’t suit their political masters. There is a difference between art and politics but unfortunately, frustrated morons are mixing both things. Having strong political views on national issues doesn’t make one a bad professional or in Swara’s case a bad actor.

Veere di Wedding is a game changer in the way we view art, or for that matter, our conservative mindset when it comes to women, patriarchy or misogyny. The film doesn’t put down women but to the contrary, drives home important messages celebrating the Her,  reminding us that today’s India doesn’t need sexism. Intriguing how a movie has nurtured hatred and for fuck sake, it’s just a movie. Love or hate it, can we please move on and call this blatant misogyny. About the film being banned in Pakistan? The lesser the better said with trolls trying to get 2 minutes fame! Karma should be banned rather.

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6 thoughts on “Why so much hate and double standards against Veere di Wedding?

  1. Hey Vishal firstly I didn’t like this movie because it was a cheap and bad copy of ‘Sex and the City’ .
    Secondly I am not a prude and what women do with their private lives is their problem . They can flaunt it or hide it . I don’t care.
    But what I do care about is the plot/story line and over all sensibility of a film.
    The story line was not hackneyed- it was simply weird . Why did each of the girls had to come from a dysfunctional family?
    At one level was the director rehashing an old Indian stereotypes that all rich girls are bitches? That all educated / working women are castrators?
    That all rich people are crass?
    I just couldn’t understand the story of Kalindi. Why were her parents fighting ? Why did the brothers fight ? Why did her father act so stand offish with his own daughter ? Why did the brothers gift their home to Kalindi? Why were the girls so idiotic?
    The story made no sense . The girls spoke so fast that the dialogue was hard to understand in parts .
    I could actually write a review instead of a comment but I don’t want to waste time promoting a film that I found such a waste of time !

    1. You have the right to express and a choice not to like a movie. But for me the movie tells so many things in a honest manner and not to you but seen hypocrisy regarding the movie and uncalled hatred!

  2. Just a movie…come on…we have seen worst than this…that time we could not tweet and show so much of hatred and now we dont spare a chance to do that…watch,laugh,enjoy,frown and let go 🙂

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