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Day 23: I deserve the love

I was dying to munch on this jumbo cookie for quite some time since it popped right in from my eyes at the coffee shop. And, I waited for almost 10 days to land this super treat as Saturday’s breakfast. We all deserve the love and mustn’t shy away to treat the self.  We tend to feel guilty of tasting the sweetest meat. I know something about it what with my cholesterol verging between the borderline level and being kept in check, courtesy the statins.

On Thursday last, triumph struck for the second consecutive time as the cholesterol level was kept within the normal range and was elated. But, brownie point remains that I indulged in sweet meat thrice this week. But, it’s no reason to ring the alarm clock but make small efforts to limit the sweetery to once a week and choose a cheat day to indulge.


Love, indulgence, cookie, magic.

This post is not about indulging within limit. It’s all about showering love to oneself fully. The cookie is what the eye cocked for and the Saturday couldn’t make it better than that. Call it a sinful day or what you may, it came as a fluff of reward for me. Downed some scotch on Friday night and crashed on the sofa what with the sleep interrupting from time to time. I didn’t miss the yoga this time and woke up at 6 a.m to reach in time for a superclass. The day started on a bright note. The cookie and the favorite Cappuccino coffee landed on the lap reading Anuja Chauhan’s The Zoya Factor. Pure bliss. Shopping was on the card with a woolen track pant for grabs and a brightly patterned blue shirt which Mom gifted. She gave the money and I bought it.  The best feeling was landing the favorite Lakme Facewash that has been missing on the market and the store that I normally buy from.  The lady gave me a good price at a time when they are overcharging since it getting scarce on the market. Bliss. There are days like that.

The shirt was bought for a purpose since the company just bagged the best PR agency conferred by a British company and we gotta a photo shoot this Monday. The Saturday wasn’t over yet and after dilly-dallying to attend the meditation class or not, I finally darted my way in style. One of the most awesome classes attended that worked wonders and finally two pegs of Scotch in the night. There are very few days like that when we learn to treasure the self and yesterday was one such day filled with love, gratitude, and happiness.

One should never shy from loving oneself an extra bite and ladle this slice of life. Trust me, a magic spurns into our existence to bring unbridled happiness to near perfection and one day is made just for us ringing in the extraordinary. We deserve this love. I deserve the love after making extra effort to wake up in the morning for yoga. Revel in the beauty and go to treat the self. The universe has chosen us to spread love, accept it with grace and let it multiply among fellow humans.








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6 thoughts on “Day 23: I deserve the love

  1. Ah! that picture of cookie and coffee, I am already craving! Anyway even I am trying to reduce my sugar intake, but in vain. It is a tough task. Waiting for 10 days to indulge on sweet is the work of strong will power. The maximum I am able to wait is for 2 hours. Enjoyed reading the post.

    1. Thanks loads and m quite bad with sugar, need to get back cutting it as I over indulged last week. Planning to go sugar free for a month but yeah cookie and coffee makes the perfect combo.

  2. Absolutely, Vishal. It is okay to indulge in yourself a wee bit even if it is something silly, like the caramel popcorn that I munched all by myself on a recent morning. It felt strange as there were no little hands to share my sweet treat but enjoyed it anyway!

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