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Day 22: Reliving blissful teenage moments with Mirchi 90s

Ah! The joy of growing up as a child in the 90s and throwing the school bag on the floor after school to stay put near the radio. The biggest sin ever committed and chided by Mom with a bamboo stick to keep the school bag on the wooden chair. Those days were special and obsessed with the radio playing the top Hindi charts. Now, you cannot argue with me if I tell that the decade was the best when it came to soft romantic and mad mad Hindi songs or pop that made me daydream with ecstatic happiness.

I am reliving this elated joyful moments and re-experience growing up during the blissful days since the morning. We should all do that. Do not let the brain gets overhyped and overworked by the insane work pressure but let it be to revel in the small joy or break free from everything. Just sit still to enjoy the gentle breeze and music. It came as a flutter of freshness in the morning when I randomly clicked on Radio Mirchi to listen to their Mirchi 90s selection. The more, the merrier, I am tempted to say. Those guys today are airing the most priceless songs that sent me back into those days where there was no net, fancy DVD but a plainly old radio that made me prance, pretending to be those film stars serenading the lady-love, the teenage crushes or love interests. I just harked back to those days and the most beautiful thing of growing up as an innocent child, sitting by the radio and re-experiencing those moments with a smile on the face.

Try it some day. Go back to those days of Hindi film songs, if you are fan and try to think what you were as a child or teenager. The songs themselves were a source of pure, unadulterated joy, right from Kumar Sanu to Abhijeet or Kavita Krishnamurthy and suddenly remembered how I loved watching Dil Hai ke Manta Nahin, DDLJ, Dil to Pagal Hai, Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander, Kasoor or Mohra. There was so much simplicity in those days and amazed how those films songs seeped inside the heart making it an eternal affair to be remembered. It suddenly feels that those precious moments never left the soul and one is trapped into a mature body. Songs that make you remember the first crush, emulating the romantic hero and yes, were the years when the Khans, Akshay Kumar or Ajay Devgan first forayed on the silver screen. The heroes who made their entry at that time and see them now, all matured with grey beard or hair.

Right now, I don’t feel like leaving the radio oops the net for one after the other, the most beautiful songs from that era are being played. When you feel, the best and most loved song is played, yet another one comes, making it enticing like mint chocolate. There is this song which I loved to death since found it not only funny and stylish but mad and romantic, ‘Ab tere dil mein hum aagaye tere dil mein rahega..toh…jhoota’ from the Akshay and Madhuri starrer, Arzoo. One cannot express this feeling of reliving the past years of growing up embedded in the current times. It’s a feeling that one gotta experience, thinking of how immature or playful one was. Except, the grey beard or age, nothing has changed. Still carefree and stupidly awesome.

I am amazed how flawless songs of a particular epoch can bring so much joy. The 90s was magical and special! Sad that today’s songs lack this quality with all the quick fix or remixes that doesn’t make sense too much. Filmmakers and music directors need to buck. Right now, listening to the title song of Aa ab laut chalein after listening to mere khayalon ki malika! And now, Rim Jhim from 1942, a love story.




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18 thoughts on “Day 22: Reliving blissful teenage moments with Mirchi 90s

    1. Thanks Priyanka. The 90s was pure bliss and right now playing tu cheez badi hai mast and before pairon mein bhandan from Mohabattein. Wasn’t a big fan of the movie except AB-SRK combine. I had a huge crush on Preity Jhangiani and hoped was in place of Jimmy Shergil 🙂

  1. The best days. Hits of the nineties. Pure, passionate, perfect. Loved 1942. Anil kapoor. Salman yum. Akshay yum. Madhuri. My kids grew up on it and sing to all the words.
    Ps. Yum is the word to describe Salman and Akshay. As for SRK, yum yum 🙂

    1. Ya the 90s music were the yum years with all those male stars and females like Sridevi, Madhuri Karishma, Kajol, Sonali and so many, dancing to the numbers. ha! The yum yum years 🙂

  2. True true.. and just imagine how the 80’s would have been super awesome… someof my favourites you metioned in here..

    You are right simple music those days now days its more of noise…

    Good compilation…

    1. Yeah. Music is in a pit today except a few of them and this whole reprise in films irk me. Laziness. Look at the times right from 50s to 90s, how amazing songs were churned. The 80s was another golden era with Kishore da 🙂

    1. Yeah those were the day and remember how crazy I was about Alisha’ Made in India, Shweta’s Deewane o Deewane and Euphoria. Wow years! Music had content in those days be it pop or Hindi films. Thanks much Maniparna and even time travelled to those days 🙂

  3. Enjoyed your nostalgic piece. i could very well relate to this, but my joys of listening to Hindi filmy songs were a few decades earlier when Binaca Geetmala from Radio Ceylon was the most popular entertainment source. The music produced in the ’50s is still considered the Golden Era of Hindi filmy music. Naushad, Shanker Jaikishan, S.D Burman, O.P.Nayyar, Roshan and few more were the most talented music directors. The poetical depths of Sahir Ludhianvi’s lyrics from Pyasa still reverberate. A detailed article under Joys Of Old Hindi Songs in

    1. Thanks much Sir and agree that the golden days right from 50s, 60s, till 90s were bliss. I enjoyed the 50s and 60s songs. They were pure magic with such maestro like OP Nayar and Naushad. Wow Sudhir Ludhianvi was a genius. Heard about Binaca Geetmala from parents and yes Ceylon had worldwide appeal. Glad that you could relate through this post.

  4. Wow! These are songs that I remember listening to on Superhit Mukabula on Sunday nights, the one program that we never missed and the end of which means the beginning of yet another school week. Thank you, Vishal, for those beautiful numbers that still can brighten my day.

    1. Yeah. Our gen grew up with Super Hit Muqabla and Boogie Woogie….loved the MTV Top 10 too….love watching them all and best decade. Thanks Pranitha and glad could share those moments with you to relive the days of sheer joy 🙂

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