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Day 21: Why we need to let go?

Carrying excess baggage is a nuisance and detrimental to the soul, attack the veins and blood inside the body. The stress that afflicts us has more to do with a sedentary lifestyle which often manifests itself through the frustration of life, stress, and unhappiness that we vent out by munching on food or aerated drinks and smoke which takes away our sanity, both mental and physical.

There is a frustration seeping through our consciousness and underlying factors of heartbreak, leaving behind a past life or emotional triggers by holding on to the past that makes us exposed to all forms of ailments and viruses. The entire things accumulate inside our body in the form of garbage and makes it impossible for us to come to terms with life. The words that people told us makes us reel with anger or pain, toxic people afflicting us and our reluctance to go with the flow pose demons that wreck their might on us. It’s human nature to be oblivious to the pain and we are unwilling to let go of things, people or situations that makes stuck forever.

No matter how painful letting go is, it’s the only constant in life and it’s release helps us to get rid of toxins in our body, like the junk food or diluted drinks. It’s fine to be knocked down by the adversaries in life. Let go of that ex who troubles you to death or defeats that propels to think about the what ifs. It never works that way, right. There are so many beautiful things to explore in creating new memories. Bury the past. I know it very well for it’s easier doling lessons rather than putting what one’s preaches into practice. The past is always painful, the present is sour grapes and the future is the wheel of uncertainty turned.

Why is it so difficult to go with the flow? Our nurtured prejudices, stubbornness and the silly mind fixated on things that shouldn’t be here in the first. One thing I have observed is that the brain spend most of the day whining on things which are non-existent, completely made out by the head or worrying about stuffs which resides in the past but serves as fodder to attract negative energy. Practise healing or meditation for it helps the mind to be become still and one with the universe. One thing is nature doesn’t like to be altered and being an infinite part of it, we cannot upset this eco-system by going against the flow. This imbalance makes our life go topsy-turvy that haunt us to no end.

There was this friend from college and a junior who tagged me by mistake last week and I commented on his wall but was told that yours truly was wrongly tagged. In jolly mood, I commented that it means he was thinking about me and he responded by trust me, it wasn’t the case. I mean, it’s so easy to feel bad about it and I did. But, the fact that small things or ‘rude’ things shouldn’t stop us from spreading love to people. The moment we let ourselves hang to people or situations makes us quite small as humans who should only spread positive vibes and affection. I have decided not to get bogged down, though it’s a very human trait to do that. Delete the bad. It comes in the form of people, right from people we used to call friends or families who would zip into our lives to put us down. I know something about that with family and it’s been quite some years that I’ve limited my interactions with them. Today, I am a much happier person with very few people, made of mom and close friends in life that understand me to the hilt. Flush out negative people and the demon sucking energy into the drains.

It’s okay not to return calls or have minimum contacts from people spreading negative virus like energy that spread into the blood. Remember, we don’t owe anything to anyone. Like in my case, I just nod to people that gets all over the top with my marriage. Time to stop meddling with one’s own energy or emotions, just hit delete to remove the negativity. I choose to let go off people from my life on things that pisses me off on with question on when I gonna get hitched and all that shit.  The good news is have decided to call preening relatives off with, I am an educated people who owes nothing to people and can take my decision.

This post was inspired by a heartfelt post penned by my friend Nikita who wrote on bad emotions, heartless people and as she rightly said, all of us are going through our own battles of life. Stop judging and the moment we do that, we have already let go of so many obnoxious feelings. Bring sanity and peace for we deserve nothing less than the best.




Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

22 thoughts on “Day 21: Why we need to let go?

  1. Oh, I absolutely agree. We need to stop judging and accept. Out life is ours to live and our choices ours alone. Warmest wishes to you 💕

      1. Need to learn the art.. one day god willing hopefully before i leave for my hell abode (ha ha ha ha) i shall learn the art…fingers crossed…

  2. It makes me so happy to know that you connected with that post and it inspired you to pin down your own thoughts on letting go ❤
    Gratitude. You make me want to write better..

    1. Thanks so much Nikita and your post spoke to me directly. You have inspired my reflection. Keep writing for ur such an amazing person who knows how to transform your thoughts in such a beautiful manner.

  3. Letting go is difficult because we are driven by emotions and instincts and that often prompt us to take action when someone misbehaves or spreads hatred towards us. But, definitely, if we once learn the magic of letting go, life becomes much lighter, without extra pieces of baggage as you’ve said. I’m trying to learn this, honestly.

    “Friends” like the guy you mentioned are so common nowadays in social media! I just have no words!!

    1. Sadly social media have been like that and trust me have removed some people as well whom I knew and for making threats on women sound normal or justifying division of the country. Yeah so complex to let go I know but agree once we learn to shed this extra baggage, life becomes easier for us 🙂

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