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Day 13: A beach affair and childhood friend’s birthday treat

The sun-dappled shades and hues, intricate sky and the taffeta of stars, grey cloud and crystal clear sea water meshed into an intricate pattern of friendship, unadulterated love, innocence and relaxed mood rejuvenated the soul. Hello Monday! What a kick ass way to start the day and be treated by the childhood friend Nuvin, his wife and toddler who showered me with the exquisite wine, food and splash at the sea-facing resort.

The quaint and cozy place to spend some family moments sitting in the hut watching the sea and waves crashing. We reached the resort early at 11 a.m after driving in his latest BMW X 4 to being welcomed by the over-the-top and quirky manager who elaborated with details about the place, food, and the sun. The day was hot, surrounded by the sea and I ordered coffee which made me spring into action. We spoke about everything under the sun, from the times of growing up together as we slouched on the couch to enjoy some still moments amidst conversation that touched every single topic.  The unique wine and the food, I ordered yummy grilled chicken and green salad which makes a healthy combination and desert on the rocks to finally get sun tanned. It makes for an out-of-the-world outing which refreshed and reverberated the mind, soul, and body.

Being surrounded by the sea, I hardly splash myself to heavenly bliss. The joy of watching the little one and energetic two-year-old daughter of my friend brought me back to the yore days of childhood. The mind of a child is so pure and innocent, ever ready to explore the world and in no time, the little one dripped her feet inside the water and sand, curling on the toes on her own but, of course, unafraid to make friends with strangers. How we guard ourselves from people! Seeing the child making friends so easily can teach us so many things and remove prejudices. Stay like that always, little angel.


Splashing into the gentle sea water kicked this inert body into action and swimming at a leisurely pace, with one hand holding to the sand to wilt the balance since I don’t know how to swim. Getting into the water happened after six years and decided that I ain’t gonna go back without the testing the waters. It felt like having a ball drenching deep into the water and turning right, left, North and South to reach out to the destination with the mind in focus, being swayed by the magic of the waters. A selfie on the occasion is the norm of the day or an exception for this unenthusiastic dude that I am for this form of camera marvel.

We were having the best time in life and guess what did a Surya Namaskar on the sand to breath every single moment. The soul became one with the body. Harmony and balance coupled with the guilty pleasure of wine, fine dining, and swimming to bliss. Treating the self is something we should never keep away from for the soul always conspires to bring positivity and powerful energy erupting like a force unleashing its might.

Spending a whole day at the beach is something which is incredible to believe and time flitted like the wind in ruffling burst to quench the thirst of a day well spent. Swimming is therapeutic like the feet dripped in the sand. The joy of letting loose, shedding the burden of routine life, taking things easy in sheer abandon, letting the hair down and waves caressing the mind gives this extraordinary feeling of not doing zilch. Feel the goodness of friends, pocked with gratitude offered by life letting the universe taking us in its embrace. It’s the biggest and unbridled joy. I wouldn’t let the moment go and captured moments of happiness, the sky and sea water that makes for a kaleidoscope and aesthetic pattern.


My attempt to swim but I am just a water baby.

The water babies that we all become and swimming at the edge as we hit the shells splaying beneath the water is a gentle reminder to flow and float with a little bit of care to avoid the risk of the feet being hurt. I remember that as a child, we would play with the fascinating shells and from time-to-time, one needs to be a kid again and never losing the innocence inside us. I love the comfort of places that give a ubiquitous and comforting feeling which the place offered minus extravaganza adorned with simplicity. Luxury can be simple and humble. A day well spent at the Mauritius sea nestled on the east coast at Trou aux Biches. I shall come up with a feature post on what tourists can do in the small island and particularly Indian tourists who love beaches and seawater.




Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

8 thoughts on “Day 13: A beach affair and childhood friend’s birthday treat

    1. It was amazing and rejuvenating. The little one was so much fun and she is so outgoing who makes us smile. I did a surya namaskar on the white sand and didn’t want to lose the awareness of being in the moment. Love the sun, food, friendship and moments of happiness.

      1. So glad you did. Your explanation was so vivid that I could see it all in my mind’s eye. Children are always a bundle of joy, carefree and engaging! Wishing you many more days of fun and enjoyment with friends, Vishal.

      2. Children have so much love inside them and their carefree, no hold energy is something we can all learn from. It’s always good to break free and enjoy moments in life.

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