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Day 8

Ushering in March feels like the speck of dust and the grain of sand saddling inside the toes, admiring the waves crashing inside the seawater flowing gently at times and the next caught in a sandstorm. Yet, the sea is not complaining. Umpteen number of times, I feel like going with the flow but the human emotions can be tricky, showing various emotions, laughs, sadness, goodness and whining incessantly.

This week, precisely on Monday, I choose to end my almost seven-year-itch with an international bank that I’ve been banking with since 2011. The hitch is that I was increasingly dissatisfied with the services, first, they closed the branch in the residential vicinity in December end that led me to ponder on their retail intention.  I hang on with them for quite some time since wasn’t very sure about my banking options.  As it is, I already hold an account with SBI International to save money. But, the week before was the last straw in my cup since the ATM was working on odd days. I cannot risk paying bank charges in various ATM outlets for every single withdrawal made.

Finally, it was done after minor hiccups and the entire process initially set to take 15 minutes took another 2 hours.  My deposit was sealed due to an impending loan or credit card that was settled more than a year back but, apparently, the bank forgot to release the money. I was told that the managers were in a meeting and busy having lunch which means that I have to wait for their signature or trundle my way somewhere else to kill mosquitoes.

Another day in my life. Friday was another interesting day to create a new bank account and running minor errands, in-between running a tight deadline for our client’s corporate magazine, busy sourcing interviews via e-mail and hounding people. Thankfully, my boss gave me an easy day. I visited one specific bank and was quite interested to be their client since an Indian group is in the process of taking over. Bad signal! Apparently, it seems the bank is not the least interested to bank with me despite having all documents such as utility bill and birth certificate. The fuck up is always one dumb person who saw a wrong typing done by the utility walon that didn’t match Dad’s birth certificate that has has been going on for years.  No! They wouldn’t accept it. She even offered me another option of getting my bank statement which I could get from SBI but with a whimsically amusing comment that she hopes it’s not an Indian address.

I grinned and was like, Are you serious! You must be kidding me. Certainly, that’s not how banking is done. Luckily, I walked a few steps and entered a locally leading Government bank out of curiosity. Man! I was impressed taking into account that I am not very enthusiastic about public services cutting across countries. The ATM card was done in less than 20 minutes with pin code in my hand and no fuss over names matching. Good and quality customer-centric services are what drives patrons. It’s a golden rule that many of us forget. I am a sucker for high-end services or I may just walk away, be it coffee or banking.

As mentioned on top, the month disappeared like the moonlight melting into the white cloud and didn’t realize that the end February quickly flitted into March. It was quite unsettling and came as a rude shock since everything seemed to be smooth sailing but an upset Sunday came to disrupt everything. Reading took a backseat, work was postponed forever and blogging halted abruptly. I don’t know what fell on my head. I was sleeping when Mom knocked on the door to announce that someone has suddenly passed away. She has a peculiar way of telling something in the exact terms, ‘You know who died.’ It sends me into an anxiety tizzy mode with this whole surprise which I really hate. “Sridevi!” It jolted me off the bed with, ‘Are you sure?” I was convinced that it must be a hoax and went straight on Twitter but unfortunately turned out to be true. The Sunday was spoilt and went into tatters. I ended up not doing anything. The loss felt so personal.

On the day, Srideviji was cremated, tinge of anxiety and pulsating heartbeat was felt. I don’t remember when was the last time that I cried so much and languished at the childhood memory that was suddenly snatched away. Growing up on her films was sheer bliss and falling in love with her on screen. As a child, I always wanted to marry her. Shocked and dismayed beyond words to see her go. I watched four of her movies, Lamhe, Chandni, Sadma and Nagina last week. Last Saturday, I came home and the moment she appeared on screen in Lamhe made me broke down. The end of a dream. The day I lost my Goddess whom I literally worshipped ushering into adulthood. But, then, our angels have to go back to their home.

With love




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4 thoughts on “Day 8

  1. Interesting diary of events which are otherwise look ordinary, but can’t be ignored, rather demand attention, and that makes them extraordinary in our daily lives. Enjoyed.

    1. Thanks to have you Sir. yes, these are ordinary things and which demanded my attention. Finally, I was able to wrap things up and glad you enjoyed the diary of events happening.

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