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Day 6: Postcards

Emotions are like goodbyes. Our hearts are torn into shards as we wave farewell to times and loved ones knowing fully that we cannot hold forever to moments that segued into our lives. Contrast it to the world of technology and snail mail where both are at odds with each other. The classic dak babu or postmen or postwomen spanning across the world are a pricey species who deliver love and emotions right in front of our doorsteps. At times, I not only wonder what goes inside their minds as they cycle to deliver letters and parcels but also languish the day when the post office will bow out from our world.


There is something fake about technology and the entire gamut of e-world which is making human interacting, sharing of deeply embedded love and connection redundant in the flick of time.  I am speaking about the world of beautifully designed Christmas and New Year cards that we once penned to our loved ones and dropped in the letterbox to travel the seas and mountains. In the advent of e-cards, this bond is lost forever and personally, I am dead against the digital greetings that we send to our loved ones, family and friends at one click. It’s not that I have never done it. But, my heart always tilts in favor of the good old postcards. a special pen to pour ink on paper and using a second pen to diligently write the address.

This year, I decided to lend my own personal touch that shall not be devoid of emotions to my loved and dear ones, the selected few who played an inherent part in my life. There was a time during the childhood or growing up days when we would be receiving cards and the entire family, Mom, Dad and me would drool over the letters sent by our phoren uncle or dosts. I remember waiting for the postman for days and would grab the letter to open with a pen or knife to show around to everyone. The early and mid-2000s was the time when I was still sending birthday and greeting cards to Mom, Dad, and friends bought from Archies the place which made one feel like a pampered kid. There was no dearth of choice in the gallery that became a sort of outing of college going kids, shopping for expensive V-Day while proposing to someone would always do the trick. We didn’t realize that technology would one day render the world of creatively and aesthetically designed cards irrelevant.

It all started with a call from my Boss last December. She is British and during a trip to her homeland, she bought pack of cards for the company’s clients which we were asked to sign for the season’s greetings. I think greeting cards are quite cheap in the UK.  I marveled at the myriad design of Santa Claus and the snow that brought me back to the childhood days. The idea clicked in the head but it didn’t really take shape until I received a tiny envelope at home which came as a pleasant surprise.  Boss has sent me a beautiful Santa card by the snail mail and I decided to renew with the joy of sending a greeting card to close friends. In fact, Mom came here much before me and sent as a surprise gift to our toddler neighbor a cute Xmas card.

It was the eve of new year and well past Christmas time when I hefted two packs of New Year cards from the supermarket and started to ping my friends on FB or WhatsApp for their postal address. Some played the game while there are quite a few who ignored or plainly refused. I dug deep from the old diary for addresses and kept pouring my heart inside the blank pages, not just wishing Merry Xmas or Happy New Year but made an effort to connect the dots in a way I was sure the ecards couldn’t replace.

There are memories, joys, bond and emotions captivated by the soul and void which no technological advancement or gadget can fill inside our hearts. I make a promise to renew with sending personalized cards to close friends and dear ones every festive season. We have lost the art of conversation, love, and bonding that we need to reclaim and in my case, greeting cards play this part in my life.





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22 thoughts on “Day 6: Postcards

  1. Saying ‘Goodbye’ is the most difficult thing for me. I love usage of ‘pricey species’!!
    I couldn’t agree more on your perspective about technology. Recently I read an article which cited statements from one of the founders of FB, he stated that whole idea of FB is ‘manipulating human psychology’ into believing happiness which is not actually there. Somehow I feel this whatsapp, FB, and other social media things have created a vacuum in human relationships. Personalized greeting cards is such a wonderful idea losing it’s sheen.

    1. So true you know and read about it last week on Guardian. You know somehow I feel this whole social media thing can be very fake and reason why on shared my blog links very rarely on my page. Somehow, our pages get a boost the articifial manner and it holds true for our relationships on line. Thanks so much for reading and love the printed greeting cards.

  2. True that!
    I still write handwritten letters to the ones who have to say goodbye and the sparkle in their eyes while reading it what I live for. I do it for to the special ones 😀

  3. For me, a greeting card (handmade or store bought) with a handwritten note, sent through snail mail, will always be special and can never be replaced by any technological advancement. I still send greeting cards to my closest ones who value & treasure them as much as I do. 🙂

  4. There is something fake about technology and the entire gamut of e-world which is making human interacting, sharing of deeply embedded love and connection redundant in the flick of time.

    So so true.
    I never send ecards
    I never send Whatsapp wishes – esp birthday – I always wish the person in person. If I don’t have their contact number, they aren’t that important. Simple.
    Technology kills the warmth that a hug brings.
    Technology can not replicate love that a handwritten note denotes.

    I agree with you completely.

    1. Thanks Avyukta. So well said. Love and friendship is sacred which gets diluted with this whole e-world. I mean, I do send friends whatsapp messages and it does get fake at some point. I will try to call friends and wish them. Thank you for pointing this out.

  5. That is such a lovely card you have there, Vishal. Your post took me back in time to the days where we loved to spend time at Archies Gallery and Hallmark stores, both of which are nearing extinction these days. For a long time, my parents had the greeting cards that we received on many occasions. The emotions attached to selecting or making a card and then taking the trouble to send it comes nowhere close to clicking a send on the first available e-card.

    1. Yes! It came from the UK and reminded me of Archies and of course, Hallmark days. Thanks for reminding me of Hallmark and remember well the store on JM Road in Pune. In fact, both stores are there. Archies was a trip and regularly roaming in the ac providing relief to the sun. I lobe Archies like anything. So much emotions attached with greeting cards, selection and spoilt for choice. E-cards doesn’t come an inch close to it. Thanks for sharing your greeting cards experience.

      1. I share a few of them too, Vishal. It used to be a place full of glitter and glamour where the hip crowd came to check out cards. Thank you for taking me back to those memories, Vishal.

  6. There is something about the written word and when its delivered in the mailbox by hand- it takes on newer meaning for sure for me! I used to be an avid letter writer and would harangue my cousins to no end to write back to me. I love sending postcards to myself and other when I am on a holiday. Share your address with me and I will send you something in the mail soon!!

    1. I sorely miss the death knell of postcards with the entire egreeting occupying all the space. I so miss writing them and aha writing to self is such a good way to treat the self. I will soon share my address on FB. Thanks for reading and happy weekend.

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