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Padmavat (i) violence: Hijacking the law and democracy

Indian Constitution:

Article 19(1) (a) of the Indian Constitution guarantees the third principle of the Rule of law (freedom of speech and Expression). No person can be convicted of any offence except for violation of a law in force at the time of the commission of the act charged as an offence is also very well recognized in the Indian Constitution.

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Karni Sena is no fringe element in the country. Lynch mob is the new normal in modern India. It’s appalling, horrifying and disgusting as we prepare ourselves to celebrate our 69th Republic Day to see the extremist group, I weigh my words, Karni Sena is a terrorist organization, to hijack the entire country.

We should hang our head in shame to see an outfit spreading terror in the country, torching buses, attacking school children and roaming free and with impunity carrying weapons to vandalize theaters. It is a dark day to our democracy. A blot to freedom of expression and artistic liberty. I really don’t care about the merit of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmavat(i) or its box office fate. It may set the cash register ringing to emerge as the biggest blockbuster hit or became a debacle and masterpiece or the crappiest movie ever made. Our concern should be to preserve our democratic values as a nation, the right to protect our citizens from violence and uphold the rule of law. Thuggery at its best and showing the scant disregard for our constitutional and secular values.

The kind of cowardice violence wrecking havoc in the country and jeopardizing the rule of law  is shameful. It’s thuggery, terrorism and religious extremist on the part of a group hellbent to spoil the name of their own culture or religion. So much for Rajput bravery. We shall not call them a fringe element but a dreaded terrorist organization who claim that they are above the Supreme Court. The worse in the whole scheme of thing is the non-functional State Governments in Haryana, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat who has no moral or legal right to stay in power. It is more than a tragedy to see a Government failing its people and lacking the gall to maintain law and order. Only cowards and thugs can attack innocent children in school buses. Let’s not speak about India Shining, Davos or FDI when a Government cannot uphold the rule of law and lack clout to disperse a terror organization. The image of our country has taken a serious dent and a beating on international forums. It’s about high time we acknowledge that India  ‘hailed’ as the biggest democracy through its institutions judiciary and freedom of expression is cutting a sorry figure. It’s a mockery of democratic institutions. We cannot play with the future of the country like that and pretend business as usual.

The worse is the so-called Rajasthani women organizations making violent protests and threatening to commit Jauhar. Where were they when every single day an innocent girl or woman is being sexually assaulted or raped on the roads? It is beyond me to see the Karni Sena and its ilk cocking a snook at the State, judiciary or at large the democracy when the elected representatives remain mute or are emasculated spectators to violence in broad daylight.

It’s beyond horrifying. I never thought that our country whom we take pride in being called the biggest democracy in the world to reach such a state. Beyond shameful to see one extremist group calling the shots and not the Government. As a ruling party, the BJP is sitting on a fence and behaving like Khap Panchayat, absolutely stripped of its power and conversely, the Congress as an opposition party whose sole aim should be to defend the country and hold the Government for accountability, start playing the political card by pandering to the Rajput vote in a diplomatic manner. Both the Government and the Opposition are guilty as charged. It’s a real shame for India as a country who has such political masters. The people don’t deserve such a treatment. We are in a shambolic state.

We are living in dangerous times. In the past, there has been a mockery of reasonable voices who hit at the level of intolerance raging in the country with the ruthless murder of Gauri Lankesh and the violence against Padmavat (i) is certainly not the last straw in the cup. In the name of vote bank politics, caste or religious equations, it is harrowing to see what we are becoming as a nation. In the name of a movie with fiction and imaginary characters, a country is being whittled into tiny pieces. Cry my beloved country. Hope tomorrow will be another day where sense will be knocked into the head of State Governments and the Central Government to ensure that the rule of law prevail and there shall be no place for bigotry, or religious extremism. A country like India doesn’t need such extremism or terrorism. There is nothing that can be bigger than the Indian Constitution and its our final-cum-last resort as a civilized society.





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32 thoughts on “Padmavat (i) violence: Hijacking the law and democracy

  1. A powerful article ripping apart all the social and political processes, some encouraging the spread of violence while others are shamelessly sitting and watching the events. Day by day we are losing hope.

    1. Thanks so much Sir. We are living in an anarchy and shameful that terror outfits like Karni Sena are given a free reign with no Government imposing the rule of law and the Opposition pandering to them. We are losing our sheen on the international scene and shameful to see thugs spreading terror. For me, they are a terrorist group.

  2. The disappointment dear Vishal is that such compelling messages like yours are seldom read or influence the leadership of these terrorist outfits, especially its hired foot-soldiers, and acts of violence continue for both political and personal gains.

    1. Yes Sir it’s the worst thing happening with Goondaraj remote controlled by politicians for political gains. It’s a tragedy when we make small efforts for change and people blinded by religious or caste beliefs, ignorant lot on the machinations. They prefer to be used by political masters.

  3. Sometimes I am amazed at the impunity of it all! The so called ‘fringe elements’ aka organisation heads are brazenly coming out with statements threatening another person and yet, no action is being taken. Does it really take an attack on innocent children to wake up the powers that be? Were the repeated orders of the Supreme court not enough to put the preventive machinery in action? And then I realise the pit that our country is spiralling into. There’s no dearth of people in the administrative/police ranks who despise these organisations and their hooliganism but they are tied down by the elected representatives who treasure their vote bank more than the democracy that they claim to be so proud of.
    Another sad day for the country when another organisation held the common people to ransom. And thank you for penning down this post.

    1. We are going down in a pit and it’s a black day for our country. I couldn’t stop myself and infuriated what they making India become. The worse is politicians and rulers going silent as if the don’t exist. Those extremists are insulting the Supreme Court and refusing to respect the judgment. They are roaming scot free, destroying property and attacking children. Shameful! They should be behind bars.

      1. Yes! The shocker and yesterday a lawyer on NDTV saying the same. They have lost and makes it me think it’s all premeditated for political gains. The Loka Sabha election is behind the doors. The PM has gone on a silent mode with his ‘mitron’ in Davos.

  4. All this sham is politically instigated. The common man would just view it as a movie and forget about it. A friend of mine who watched the movie says there is nothing in it demeaning to any religion or caste. It is a shame if we cannot honour the ruling of the supreme Court. What kind of a democracy are we becoming or rather are we even one I wonder! The entire furore over it is utterly disgusting!

    1. The worse is the Karni Sena boss saying that their culture is bigger than the Supreme Court. It’s shameful to see those idiots hijacking the country and no ruler is implementing the law. I guess it doesn’t suit their political agena. The country is being hurt and school kids life threatened. I never thought we would reach this stage despite my concerns on rising intolerance. A dark day in our history as a country. The only person who must speak is the PM but sad he has gone into silent model. It’s simple you don’t like the movie don’t watch but cannot use violence.

    1. It’s disgusting to see such groups and politicians scoring but the worse is attacking school kids who suffered. I was very disappointed to see policymakers going silent an let the culprits go on a rampage.

      1. True. Unfortunately, many creative people work hard, sacrifice a lot but to be at the mercy of idiots. Celebrities pay a huge price, I strong feel. I recently read Ranveer Singh interview who told he injected his anger in Khulji the time those extremists entered Padmavati sets with guns to assault Bhansali Sir.

      1. Yes, I dunno why the Karni Sena, in an attempt to protect the Rajput culture, went against the usools. These acts are barbaric in today’s times.

  5. Just yesterday I read an interview of Sanjay Leela Bhansali and his roadblocks while making this movie. We actually just need stupid reasons to flare up and trouble common person. I myself don’t understand what we pass judgements without knowing the facts. My blood boils at the mindset of the people who just want a reason to create ruckus.

    1. It makes me extremely angry like you how some idiots hijacked the country and no doubt the centre or states played with them for political reasons. They are the biggest idiots who were hell bent on destroying the country and scaring children just become one character whom we don’t know whether it was fictional or rarely existed. Imagine the money invested in a project and the makers cannot get protection for their hardwork. We were impassive looking at thing and understand this feeling. And, then they found nothing wrote after destroying property.

      1. Agree! They know how to enforce their agenda using violent means to make maximum damage. Political powers use them to enforce their agenda of divisive politics destroying our secularism.

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