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Day One

Day One, January 4:

Hype, hangover and old calendars discarded in the bin. Some of us are still drunk and munching on fatty snacks. Resolutions are made and broken in no time as we are still high on alcohol to painfully getting back to the grind, albeit being stuck in a rut. The entire saga from waking up to a new dawn and watching the sun rising to indulge in crackers, or for that matter, getting drunk is so overrated. A cliché of sort with the same question, ‘What are you doing on December 31?’

Chill! It’s a change in the calendar which is already three-days-old. For sure, I am enjoying my Scotch like I always do and yesterday, was at someone place having Old Monk Rum after years. I was never a rum enthusiast but do love the Indian version once in a blue moon. The only hitch is that I haven’t made too much progress on the smoke front and failing to keep it to four but have reached six to seven fags in a fortnight.  Time to pull the socks.

The crystal clear sky has been beaten to death by the dark since two days with the rain putting me into a leaden silence during the nights. I am enjoying the weather but the only hitch is being confined to the room. A pall of gloom sets in. The windy breeze roaring and stuttering its might like a wail but its soft murmur percolates. An inchoate year sets in. The weather bears a moody streak, gentleness, trace of anger and riveting to the mind at the same time.

We cannot discard the new season to bring cheerz. There is a silver lining in tediousness in this stream of human perception. I trust my intuition for it can never go wrong. I started Day One of the year on a pretty high note. Got George Orwell’s 1984 as a gift from family friends traveling to India and the young kids won over the heart A surprise gift and bang on. A right choice that sent me into a groove of happiness. I reconnected with a friend, Ajitabh Bhaiya and we spoke on the phone on Jan 1 after nine years. Would you believe it? It felt like yesterday only. He was my senior in college and it was one Jan 1 we were boozing together discussing life on where it would take us years later. It couldn’t get better than that. A perfect start.

There are so many things that happened, right from his serious accident and how he survived battling the upsets. I shouldn’t be surprised since he is a strong-willed person and lover of existence but got a jolt when he told me one of our Pune friends passed away three years back. Life can be so uncertain. There is a close family who is facing health issues and fighting death. But, in hope, we believe.

It’s this uncertainty that led me to bag this Iphone8 after dilly-dallying for one whole year and a conversation with Meghna in the morning. The choice was made. There are very few friends whose opinions I value when in doubt. It’s a cool and slick gadget. I am practically hooked to my iPhone.  Last year. my writing took a dip in reviving the old novel draft and restarting it but was somehow stuck. But, then, let last year be buried and I shall not reel on success or disappointment. There are so many things brewing in the head to push myself to the edge. But, at the same time going berserk over competition is one of the worst things we can ever do. We need to chill out and take things slowly but at the same time indulge in stuff to make me happy.

I am reading David Gregory Roberts after years. I started with the sequel to Shantaram, ‘The Mountain Shadow’ and it’s about the same life with characters like Vikram, Carla, and Johnny in what was once called, ‘Bombay’. The fascination with Maximum City and living life on the edge in a narration laden with rich expression, description, and vocabulary. I somehow feel that the title lacks appeal. Some 200 pages have already been done in the book and love how ‘Shantaram’ made it an edgy and pacy read taking you into the world of Mumbai and the scintillating places in SoBo. Been there and done that. I miss the city.

Resolutions are so passe in my life that I have stopped doing it for a couple of years nor did I pen something on the year that was. I don’t see its importance. The sound of the rain plopping on the ground is music to the ear. This January, I shall be sharing snippets of life and it starts today with Day 1. Like they say writing is therapeutic and helps to release energy, good or bad that we absorb within.





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24 thoughts on “Day One

  1. Life as usual it seems for you. Happy to see your upgrade, though. I went for iPhone X last week on my trip to the US…i already had 7plus, so 8 wouldn’t have made much of a sense.

    Strength to your friend fighting for life!

    1. Hehe yes but enjoying few days of holiday and yeah loving the phone. Yep if you have 7 plus better going for iPhone X. In fact my friend facing health challenges but a close relative fighting for life and in coma. Thanks Alok for the wishes.

  2. Very nice . It’s good to see that you are progressing and congrats for your iphone8 . I agree, even this time I haven’t made any resolution . How many time we make and broke . Seems useless.

    1. Thanks so much Shayra. Resolution never works with me and decided to go along with the iphone. I am loving it 🙂 Life is uncertain and so unpredictable. We gotta follow the heart 🙂

  3. Hey Vishal!
    I like the new look of your blog, also the phone. congratulations! I hope the struggling family member gets better and soon.
    I think I am going to make a resolution/list of goals for this year. We might not follow it throughout but it’s such a treat to read an old list and realize how far we have come in either direction. 🙂

    1. Thanks Niharika Happy New Year. I was looking for new themes and found this one very appealing like the note books during the old times. It won over me. Finally got the phone on EMI but minus charges and so I am paying the same price of sale. Life is short and we need to make the most of it. The reason I made myself happy. I am so bad with resolution that I have abandoned all hopes od treading this path but there are priorities that needs to be set clear. Agree with your perspective.

  4. Congratulations on that sleek piece of technology. Calm is a nice app, specially the one with falling rain drops, I love that one. It is nice feeling to catch up with an old friends and talk about all that you have missed. Sorry about your friend and wishing your ailing family member a speedy recovery. Looking forward more of your poems, write-ups and bits of nostalgia, Vishal.

    1. Yeah so true I just discovered Calm and soothes the mind. Yeah, I did an entry in the diary yesterday to release energy and made me feel better. Thanks so much for all the love 🙂 I shall come up with interesting posts hopefully this month.

    1. I know and many people not into iphone. I’ve been an android and ipad user but wanted to go for this one as well 🙂 I’d say if u have the fund and someone hopping to Dubai, do grab one but only if you want to 🙂

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