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Viruska ki Shaadi

Tuscany is stumped. A sixer whipped by Virushka to give a complex to Yashraj films foreign locations to make Italy the global filmwallah destination. Our Virat and Anushka said I do to send fans into a tizzy as if it’s our own Band Baaja Baraat. Now, I am tempted to tie a knot on my unkempt hair for Anushka broke my hearts into tiny shreds.

Who will wield the baton of Virushka on the silver screen? Trust Karan Johar to make a movie on the biggest real-life drama, expensive costumes and adorned with jewelry to earn 100 crores plus at the box-office. Don’t be surprised if KJO announces his next on Virushka. Our English teacher taught us in school not to repeat words and my vocabulary has gone rudderless and meaningless with the oft-repeated ‘Virushka’.

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If you thought the Italian job is done, go and get a life. It’s just been made bigger than apna Taj Mahal. Now, I really believe that cricket and cinema walk hand in hand. Our lovers are taking a pot shot at politics that they wrestled the thunder away from BJP and Modi-ji’s shineless victory in Gujarat. The trio, Virat-Anushka-Modi are suddenly competing with each other on who is more unpatriotic for not getting hitched with Go Desi flavor. Our Modi-Ji attended the wedding reception in Delhi in true Vikas style. What a catch Viruska!

The Great Indian wedding with Tadka has gone global in Tuscany which is the maa behen of all movie scripts this year. Some will say that it’s a carefully planned move to hog attention away from the faulty EVM and demonetization after a year or mission Gujarat. The real Shaadi bandi. We shall stop cribbing about the economy or Namo’s tears on anyone accusing him of being unpatriotic. After all, he is our original global ambassador globe-trotting. How come the Pradhan Sewak missed Tuscani?

Ah! The Italian snow…film crews will now storm Tuscani to shoot romance scenes for our brand ambassador Viruska have shown what a big fat shaadimani in style means. The snow just froze at the sight of the lovers and me wondering how about T20 in the cold with Anushka playing cheer leader for her Pritam pyaare. Not Pritam Singh, meri Jaan but her apna Virat. Now, stop dancing over Chameli ki Shaadi at weddings bash, will you?!

Who needs a flick to pander to NRIs flocking to Italy when our Viruska are playing it live? Heard all single girls wanna get married and koi bahana nahin chalega ab! Baby ko toh sirf Virat pasand hai and no Break up song for the single babes. Time for us to adopt Italy and claim it was once a part of India. Who needs the Kohinoor yaar when we have Tuscany to lust over! Sunny Leone is already irrelevant for her Laila moves can no longer shake us. And, our desi girl, Priyanka Chopra has gone to Amreeka. Bas visa ka confusion for Italy is the new Hollywood.

Showing in theaters next to you all over India is the new blockbuster in town, Viruska. I dare you, Karni Sena, to stall its release to forget Padmavati for a while. Chalo! Let’s booze and ban dry day in the name of Viruska velvet.




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6 thoughts on “Viruska ki Shaadi

    1. haha! It makes me wonder on this crores trousseau. May be an agreement with Modi ji inside the invitation card to donate them to Sarkar for swach abhiyaan. What say?! Thanks Purba for dropping 🙂

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