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A slice of love, Geet and life Jab we Met

There are some movies, that offer a slice of life and stays in our imagination and hearts forever. Such cinematic gem often serves as an imitation of the real and we end up falling in love with the characters. How we wish to have someone like them as our soul mates!


This week, Imtiaz Ali’s Jab We Met celebrated a decade of falling in love with the boisterous and uninterrupted chatterbox Geet and of course, Aditya Kashyap. A tale of love and the complications of existence which still rings fresh in our mind and the innate desire for a friend or soul mate like Geet to gently remind us to breathe every moment or it’s never too late to pursue our passion in life. She makes a man or women feel complete.

There are so many emotions associated with Jab we Met that makes us realize that we have suddenly become old. Geet is one of the rare and adorable characters that make me fall in love with her at every instant. How I wish to find her in real? There are very few characters like her who chew life and steal your heart at the mere mention. One can never get enough of this film that has hardly a dull moment. I watched this movie again today and it still feels fresh that brought me back to the carefree and rebellious days in Mumbai. The days where you believe in love and the special someone whom you wish to be like her. There are quite a few lucky souls who may have met their Geet, a character immortalized by Kareena  Kapoor and a role that suits her to the hilt. She simply defines love at first sight.

A totally kick-ass woman and she stole the thunder with the one-liners, ‘we are by the way friends, Zindagi mere favorite game or jaala de Sali ko’ that won the hearts. There is not a single flaw that I can recollect in Jab We Met that offered a mirror image of life with the very believable Geet and Aditya which the college goer crowd could relate to in those days.

The film and the characters are timeless that even after 10 years, one can see that nothing has changed in the way we interpret love. Jab we Met is the perfect guide to relationships. I can watch this movie innumerable times that teaches so many things about living every minute, not nurse regrets, and make blunders.

It’s a movie that has redefined urban love and relationships in India that touches the core of the young generation. Imtiaz Ali scored a sixer with this one and it is fair game to call it epic, iconic and a masterpiece in depicting the pulse of the Indian youth. Geet and Aditya were not just film characters but friends we wished to have and nurture for life. You just can’t get enough of Geet. The playfulness, innocence, stupidity, and craze for life make her simply adorable. There is a certain strength about the female protagonist doesn’t give a damn to the world but live life on her own defined terms. She could be an inspiration to clueless people who always seek approval or think too much before doing something. Jump in the water and not think about it, at all.

A decade of Jab we Met and its sheer madness that no die-hard fan can ever recover or stay away from. Geet is the universe and will now be the inspiration to flesh out the female character in the rom-com book that I am working on. I was stuck for a couple of months. But, I have now decided to give shades of Geet to my female protagonist and the bottom line would be, what would Geet do in this particular situation?’ The book will in part be a tribute to JWM and an ode to one of the most adorable female characters on screen that I fell in love with.

There are many guys who secretly hope of having someone like Geet in their lives and I am no exception to her magic. Of course, Kareena nailed it and hard to think of someone else other than her who could inject such freshness and depth into the character. The dialogues, be it, ‘Bhatinda chal milati hoon, aap convince ho gaye ya mein aur bolo and the famous Decent Hotel with this terrific line, train mein mila…item kaisa, ek dum karak.’

Jab We Met was not just a film for our generation but a journey a bit like the travails and adventure of Aditya Kashyap and Geet who are too good to be real in every single frame. It celebrated love and went beyond that to re-affirm our belief and the zest for life.




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53 thoughts on “A slice of love, Geet and life Jab we Met

  1. Last week I saw a post on Instagram that said Jab we met completed ten years and I felt so old all of a sudden! This is one film that I remember the dialogues of. I totally resonate with all that you wrote here!

    1. The same feeling AdiC and we didn’t realize how time is flying. A stark reminder of feeling old. It’s how I feel about the movie that touched the heart, beautifully marrying life’s philosophy, fun and romance. It’s my second post on JWM and the first one was written on the other blog. Thanks for reading and glad you could relate with this journey.

      1. True agree love and the romanticized way of things are hardly there. But, I feel Jab We Met spoke a campus language that was down-to-earth like the college crowd. Love is hard to find in real life.

    1. Thanks Radhika. Geet is one film character that I fell in love with and she is so contagious, the energy and fun that taught us to love life and ourselves. The character in my book will now bear the shade of Geet.

  2. Loved this post, Vishal! 🙂
    I still remember the afternoon when Mom and I went to see this movie. We enjoyed every minute. It was raining when we got out of the theatre, and we went home singing happy songs, just like little girls. You brought the memories back.

    1. Thanks so much Debo. Loved the songs especially the Shaan one, hum jo chalne lage. Remember watching it at Eros in Mumbai and balcony seats for 60 bucks. Btw, I wrote another JWM post on my blog spot. This movie celebrates love and of course, Geet is the crush. Hope we wish to have someone like her. Hope you doing good!

    1. Thanks Purba. The world of Aditya and Geet who defines love at first sight. The movie is fresh today in embodying urban romance and Imtiaz was at its peak with the superb one liners. What dialogues, songs or romance.

  3. I totally agree, Vishal. This is one movie that I enjoyed watching. Geet in all her bubby-ness, saw Kareena Kapoor mature into a mature actress playing out her role so well. Not a dull moment when she is around. Its all Imtiaz Ali’s genius of course, his stories are amazing. The songs are the ones I still love to hear.

    1. You can never get tired of watching Jab We Met which is so down to earth and remember pleasantly surprised to see this transformation in Kareena. It was love at first sight for me watching Geet. Imtiaz dialogues showed his pure ingenuity and there was not a single dull moment. I loove the songs. This movie defined our youth and touching relationships, offering a break from the run-of-the-mill fares.

      1. Yes, this movie, its story, the concept and the actors specially Kareen was amazing. I remember seeing it and watching it again and again. Yes, I agree, a break from the usual run-of-the-mill fares.

      2. I mean even today I find the film so fresh that could compete with glossy tales, giving them a run for their money. She was Geet in every aspect, so refreshing and couldn’t believe it was the same Kareena that touched our heart. I love the film like anything/

      3. Absolutely, Vishal. And I watched Secret Superstar. Loved the movie. So much inspiration, so much talent and I even loved that only second song. Insiyaa and her mother have done a marvelous job and for once, Aamir Khan stands second. Thank you for recommending it, Vishal or I would never have bothered watching it.

      4. Thanks so much. A small film that connected hearts and her mom acted so well. Insiya was the star and superstar. Of course, Aamir Sir gave a marvellous performance by playing second fiddle. You are most welcome, Pranitha.

  4. Geet is a heart-throb! I am so jealous of her 😀
    There is so much to learn from her character.
    And I would absolutely will read your book if the female protagonist is like Geet.

    1. Thanks so much Poonam. Geet is indeed a sensational heart throb that stole her. It’s impossible not to fall for her. That’s huge encouragement and need to get set with the book sooner, making her like Geet 🙂

  5. Really so adorable movie. It’s one of my favourite . I loved the 1 part , train vala , dialogue still fresh in my mind. Superb love story. Well executed and acted👌

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