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Not a regular Sunday

Have you ever wondered how Sundays look like?! Drab, boring or simply laze around like a maze. The biggest luxury in life is to end up not doing anything and just sit to whine time, gleaning through magazines, listening to radio, watching a film or simply spread on the couch.

A light feeling of ending not doling gyaan or doing productive task that robs the joy of Sundays. I’ve done all of this in the past, working on a Sunday-I never cribbed, trying to be superman doing so many routine tasks-I still do that, blogs, reading media feeds on Facebook or trying to work on the novel-guilty on that count for delaying forever. Today was a much-deserved break after last Sunday when I was running behind to complete a work deadline and the day went kaput working till 1 a.m or the blood test showing that I am verging on high-risk cholesterol. Yeah! It’s true. Another reason to buck with diet and exercise but it’s not a day to push myself to the brink.

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A lil bit of reading, revisiting Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small Things after more than two decades, which is not enough and randomly flipping through entertainment magazines like Stardust & Filmfare and receiving the visit of a relative who brought some teabags from India. There was hardly anything that I could have done except than surfing through the phone or I-pad. You know this feeling of not doing anything? Yeah right! It’s the day. It’s my day. My moment to be cherished. The bliss of just sitting around, gulping cups of chai and casting the phone away as if it’s your estranged relative makes the day so much fun, therapeutic and stay free of load that may flow in your life in an otherwise packed weekend.

There was no pressure that I usually put on my head on a regular Sunday to read stuff on the net, the newspaper or replying to people’s e-mails or writing to win the race against time. The truth is that I had a tiring week, shuttling between work, deadline and some prayer meet for my uncle who recently passed away. It ain’t easy to wake up at five a.m for three consecutive days and sitting cross-legged to pour the ablutions composed of ghee or rice inside the fire that blows right on the face. All done in a week.

A friend pinging on G-chat came as the rarest surprise since it’s the medium that we hardly speak now in the times of WhatsApp and it feels like the good ole’ days when we were forever hanging out there to discuss everything under the sun. The feeling of being there and done that, discussing human aspirations, mindless gossips and time pass which we have done innumerable number of times in the distant past. I call it, the days of yore. No heavy thinking which is a far cry from the normal days and it makes the Sunday unusual, routineless and burden free.

Chuck out this pressure from life. Remove the clutter for its one day in a week that we truly deserve to be disconnected from everything that life throws at us. In today’s times, it’s a luxury that we can well afford to the soul. Don’t deny it. Embrace it by opening the arms like Shah Rukh Khan’s signature move. Just switch off. You deserve this guilt-free Sunday to flush everything down the drain.

Do share how you spend your Sunday.

Have a great end of week.








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16 thoughts on “Not a regular Sunday

  1. I wish I spend one of my Sundays this way soon! I was cleaning the kitchen, and then writing. And then some more writing. Not exactly a tiring Sunday, but not lazy either. 😛

    1. Thanks Adic. Normally my Sundays are not lazy but this time was an exception and looking to have more such Sundays with reading, watching movies and perhaps writing. Thanks for sharing your Sunday.

  2. That’s an honest account and let me tell you that most weekends, I do nothing. Yes, I go to my yoga class in the morning which is my most active hour of the day. After that, I’m either reading, writing or sleeping 😉 I love it like that. Doing nothing.

    1. That’s awesome to hear that you relish your Sundays by doing nothing and it’s good for the soul, Parul. Yoga is bliss so is reading, writing and sleeping, doing nothing. We need this Me time to pump up. Thanks for dropping and sharing your Sunday with me. Have an awesome week ahead 😀

  3. Weekends are fun family time here, whether it is catching on a movie or playing a board game or an early morning at the beach and a few friends visiting us would be an added bonus.
    Weekends are meant to revitalize you after a week of routine and work. So chill, relax, enjoy!

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