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Children and security in schools: Is there a breach of trust and security?

Schools’ role is to provide a safety cocoon to young children and unfortunately, the events taking place inside school premises have sapped the confidence of children and parents where that tempts us to ask serious questions on the temple of learning lacking in safety.

I am angry. I am shocked. To define the death of a 7-year-old child inside the toilet of a Gurugram school whose throat was slit and according to cops, there was an attempted sexual assault shocked is horrifying, sad or shocking is an understatement to make.  We all know that there are vultures lurking around and our children are often at risk from the sick elements in our society. In the first instance, the murder of the child didn’t take place on the street but inside a school, considered to be a temple or mecca of learning where a young mind not only learn or make friends but gives a sense of security or comfort that makes him or her a lovable human being.

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The most shocking aspect is how on earth that Ryan International School can take security aspect in a callous manner taking into account that the crime was committed in the morning. There are several questions raging into my mind: Why the alleged criminal, a bus conductor allowed to loiter inside the premises of the school and worse getting inside children’s’ toilet? It’s a serious breach on the part of the school authority that cost the life a child.  The worse thing is that the school authority has apparently lied to the parents telling that the child is being transported to hospital while he was already dead.

How can school authorities take the security of children so lightly that predators were allowed to not only loiter but found an easy way to brutally assault a child? Was the child reported absent in the class and how come nobody got wind of it? If yes, why was it ignored? Common sense tells that a teacher should count the number of children in the morning and alert should be given why a child is missing. In case, the child was missing, the school head’s should have been immediately informed.

Moreover, there is a dearth of due diligence when it comes to security in school and sadly, it’s not happening for the first time since there are several instances where young kids were sexually assaulted, raped and murdered in the most gruesome manner. It goes beyond this incident. The way things have been handled in an amateurish manner in the past and the present case make us wonder the extent to which school doesn’t conduct a background check on their recruits such as bus conductors and drivers. In the first place, people who got no business inside the school should not be allowed to walk past the gate.

The time is now. Parents and teachers should play an important role and perhaps act as vigils to demand accountability report from time to time on every aspect from enhanced security to classrooms and cleanliness.  It’s not about policing the school but ensure that the children are not only protected but don’t live in a state of fear. Moreover, schools should ensure that any suspicious activity be reported to the police and there must be officers running security check in every school corner be it toilets, unattended classrooms or within the premise itself.

The breach of trust and communication gap between school authorities and parents is the need of the hour that needs to be addressed.  We cannot afford to pay such a heavy price for our children in our quest to give them the best of education. Losing a child is the biggest tragedy for parents and a nation. Children are our human capital nurtured with care and love. It’s a given that laws should be strengthened to give the hardest punishment to the sick minds. But, at the same time, blame shouldn’t be shifted to the Government only but the onus falls on schools failing blatantly to protect children. The school should be brought to task and be answerable for the death of the child.






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40 thoughts on “Children and security in schools: Is there a breach of trust and security?

  1. Honestly, words fail me. How was the bus driver even allowed near any of the students? How do parents continue sending their children to that school? How do we keep our children safe? I know some schools don’t let you in unless you’re a parent. Or the nanny, and you’ve been introduced to the staff. This is so sad and pointless. I mean, how sick do you have to be to murder a child. And attempt to rape it.

    1. The worse is bus conductors were using same toilet as small children. There is a trust deficit and this how it should be, introduced to staff and should be kept off school. It’s so sick and the assaulter has two kids. I hope the school is punished.

  2. The incident is really very shocking and pathetic.
    There should be a good communication between the parents and school authorities, the security of children is much more needed coz they don’t have the capability of self defense.
    Thanks for covering such an important issue.

    1. It’s so shocking how an innocent life was lost and there is gap that will make parents feel insecure or the child itself. I don’t understand how a school allows grown ups adults use the same toilets as small children. They should be taken to task.

      1. ya it is shocking for this whole incident the school authority was responsible…now how parents will allow to send their child to schools even knowing the importance of education!!

      2. I am extrmely angry and wondering how parents can be at peace. Such schools are selling education like a good in supermarket with scant regard to children. It makes me extremely angry to see a child losing his life at such a tender age and those conductors allowed to use the same toilet as a child. I hope the school will not get away with this!

      3. yaa thins things can make anyone angry even me too…now adays education and all is just a business for them their is nothing like safety and all this incident proof that and took a life of innocent child without any fault!!!

      4. I am really hoping that there is a case in court against such irresponsibility and they are exposed. There are so many loopholes and questionable in the way the school treated this incident.

  3. We fear a lot of things lately. Honestly, compared to my childhood in a big city when I used to walk from the school alone and playing outside without adult presence has became something that is uncommon to experience for children in the cities nowadays. It is painful to see how a child’s life can be taken in the place that often being associated as their safe ground. If the school is no longer safe, where else they can be roam free and safe when outside home?

    1. I was having this conversation with a friend on how earlier we would be trusted with a nanny and mom would always tell to be wary of strangers. Still, there were good people and now in a school itself, a child is not safe. It tears the heart, Indah to see this 7 year old dead after his father dropped him to school.

    1. It made me mad to watch this yesterday and the Principal coming with lame excuses. Just tell can parents sit in the work place with a calm mind when schools cannot guarantee the safety of children!

    1. It is beyond my comprehension how a child lost his life in less than 30 minutes. It’s such a sick world where one cannot be so sure and that too in a school supposed to protect a child. I really go mad when I think how a school abandoned its responsibility and is more a factory. Thanks Lata for dropping and sharing your views.

  4. I concur on everything you have stated in this post. Its so frustrating to see how BIG schools are allowed to flaunt the law right under the nose of the adminstrations, who is a silent party to it albeit bribe and corruption. This is not negligence – this is breach of trust and safety rules. I wholeheartedly vote for death penalty for some of the senior people involved in the school safety norms and defintely this chain of schools should be shut down country wide as they have no clue how to run a school.

    1. It’s a crime due to their callousness Shalz. They can’t ensure children security and must be stopped from running. A gross violation and how this murder was hidden. They must be answerable to the law. Thanks for sharing your views.

  5. It is so sad, Vishal. You have raised some very valid questions here. Parents need to be more aware about rules, policies and security measures in their children’s schools.

    1. Yes Rachna and it makes us angry when such a school charge hefty money from parents and the way the whole thing os botched up. High time for parents to demand accountability from such schools and the need to be answerable that cost the life of an innocent child.

  6. I so absolutely agree, Vishal. The incident was shocking. The incident and the scene of crime having been tampered with and the school’s every attempt to try to ‘not to make a big deal of a child’s death’ shows the play of power and the need to make these commercial places of education lacking humanity. Having children myself, the questions you have posed are the very same that went through my shocked mind too.
    Nothing is going to bring the innocent soul back, but will this be an eye opener? Only time will tell.

    1. It’s so shocking and sad how the school tampered with evidence and blood washing. I strongly feel that they should be jailed for cover up. Sadly schools are becoming factories and I can imagine what you are going through as a parent. Sadly this is not happening for the first time and high time for authorities to impose some conditions before granting or renewing some licences.

      1. Yes, it’s one of my worry and high time for authorities to call them off. Justice is the need of the hour. We cannot afford our children to lose their lives like that or assaulted by perverts.

  7. I myself wanted to bring this up, if only words could change pathetic thinking of animals masquerading as humans. One is heinous crime and then comes these disgraceful, loathsome acts by some monsters who shake our beliefs from humanity. Totally disgusting. Thanks for writing that up

    1. It’s such a tragedy when we can’t protect our children or women, better don’t speak about aspirations to lead the world. The worse is the school who played cover-up and the lack of enforcement to curb crime where vultures are roaming free. These people are monsters and not humans, I agree Kanika. Glad to read your views on the same.

  8. Co-incidently I met the mothers today whose children study in one of the schools. They have an unknown fear gripping them whether they should continue sending their kids to that school or not. I can’t imagine the condition of the mothers who lost their children but this is just not tolerable.

    1. It’s so horrible and like I said, parents and the mothers would have this fear and will never be at peace not knowing whether children will be safe. My heart goes to the mothers and fathers. High time for authorities to come up with framework to help protect children. I can understand what the ladies you met are going through!

      1. There are so many aspects in education that are being ignored and high time we look into it. Education is business and children are being at the receiving end. It’s tragic.

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