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Teachers’ Day: Stirring minds, shimmering light

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The lamp of knowledge lit,

souls will come and go,

classrooms will be empty one day,

regaling tales of Shakespeare,

doctrine of Mahalanobis Economics,

stirring minds to debate,

thinkers produced,

some like me too shy to speak for one second,

shimmering light,

kill if you may!

thoughts will remain eternal,

power of classroom and learning,

take a stand,

seek wisdom within,

trudge fearlessly in your belief system,

one day everything shall be over,

but a rich legacy and symbolism shall serve as a reference,

swimming in an ocean of knowledge,

blessed I am to be the student,

learning from your wise words,

for you are the pearls that bore no taint,

thank you dear teachers,

Happy Teachers’ Day

Love and gratitude







Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

37 thoughts on “Teachers’ Day: Stirring minds, shimmering light

  1. What a heart-warming ode to these unsung heroes. They teach us, guide us, motivate us and channelise our minds only to be forgotten by us when we become a ‘someone’ in this world. Your teachers though would be so happy that someone cherishes them

    1. Thanks so much Pradita. Whatever little I am today, it belongs to my teachers. I wished them on FB by tagging and there are many including Bhalerao Ma’am who has been like a mother to me at Fergusson College. I also had a heart warming chat on whatsapp with my Philosophy teacher, Professor Lobo.

      1. Thanks to social media. During our times, we didn’t realize that our teachers would be connected online na. I feel there should be more such relationships based on respect and good understanding. I have always had a good understanding with my teachers and the ones at Fergie are totally awesome πŸ™‚

      2. Yeah. SM has actually helped well in that sense. I have been only superficially in touch with mine. And most I’ve never even seen for the past 15 years. But then I was never a very ‘stay in touch’ kind of person

  2. Oh, can you imagine the joy of teachers learning how great impact they had in a childs life back then…What a blessing:-) The most important work, I think. You wrote an amazing tribute Vishal! Happy to read you had good people like this in your life, they do shape us a bit – like all people we meet throughout life.

    1. I am extremely happy to be connected with several teachers on FB and they played such a defining role in my life. Cannot imagine my life without them and greateful forever for shaping me. I call them, the parents we never had. Thanks Eli to see you here.

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