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Blessings and vibes that count

Grateful I am for the small joys in the month of August. I am striving hard not to make it a gratitude August post but the miracles that come to life makes it a real charmer. The flow of happiness that sashay my way always comes unexpectedly that makes it a smash hit in my box office of life. I love surprises. There are no expectations. What a fab month and week it’s been to be filled with positive energy and divinity!

There is Shayra who is a super talented and young blogger who has nominated me for a couple of blog awards, including Get to know me child Tag award. I am grateful of the love pouring. I am not accepting awards but I acknowledge the blog award given by Shayra. Stay blessed my dear friend.

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The positive souls that I am surrounded with make me feel blessed. I am forever grateful to them. One Friday, I lamented on FB that I am suffering from writer’s block since the entire day was kept for creative work but it wasn’t happening. One of my closest friends from Pune, Kaustubh commented and telling to go easy, feel the fresh air and have coffee to let the thoughts unfurl. Then, the message box on Facebook flashed red. Bhavana Nissima is one gentle soul who pinged nd told me that she read the status and offered to help me unclutter the mind.  I am amazed, considering that we never spoke on chat but she reached out to me by offering help. I was stuck but at the end of the day, the writing hurdle was overcomed though the work is still unpublished since it needs lot of editing and polishing. She taught me the need to avoid self-sabotage that I often indulge in and be like the light feather. I shall come up with an entire post on that later and hope it can help everyone facing their inner demons to heal.  Bhavana is an NLP Master Practitioner and do like her page The Light Weaver. She blogs here.

The small exercises that she taught me, like flush things out of the mind like in the toilet pot and gently told to let go of every negative energy went beyond the creative work. It was a miracle. I am thankful to Bhavana for pulling me out of the rut and yours truly, intend to make the lessons a routine affair.  How people reach out to me when I least expect such goodness from them! It reaffirms my belief of chucking out expectations and that way, it makes life easy that wears no wrinkle of deception or disappointment.

The last week was pure bliss when I re-connected with not one but three friends who saw the real me in the college days. Two of them are on my FB list and beyond, the occasional comments on status, we hardly spoke on chat. I reconnected with Ruchit who was my batchmate in Economics at Fergusson College. He is now a super talented photographer in Pune. He has uploaded a couple of pictures of our college that he visited last week and the thread kept going where we exchanged comments. He messaged and drop his WhatsApp number.

There is Ajitabh Bhaiya, our college senior and whom we would address respectfully as Bhaiya which means elder brother.  I saw him on FB and sent a friend request which he accepted. We exchanged a conversation on chat and rekindled the amazing moments spent during the college days. We connected after 8 years.  I request everyone reading this post to send him all your blessings. May he soar and conquer human adversities to triumph in life.

Maryam is another wonderful girl whom I knew since my college days and the time I knew her, she was already doing so many things in SY, right from training and tuitions. I am in awe of souls who chart their own path to conquer and inspire people around them.  She brings so much of positive vibes around.  I humbly request all of you to like her Facebook page for kids, Eloquence-Speech Drama Training in Pune where young children are equipped to inculcate speech, drama and beyond skills. I think it’s such an inspiring work that she is doing. It brings such an aha feeling to be surrounded with such wonderful people.

There are tons of blessings in life, the friends and people who believe in positivity who always reach to me when I least expect it bring so much strength to my inner and outer senses. We are all extraordinary souls destined to make a difference to lives and people around us. Let this greater power takes us forward and never resist the lush breezy that carries the power that touches us. Happy Onam. Happy Eid-Ul-Fitr.

Stay blessed and trust the vibes








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14 thoughts on “Blessings and vibes that count

  1. Such a happy post filled with so much of love and gratitude, Vishal. So happy for you that at a time when you were ‘down’, there were many who pulled you up and helped you get going. This world still has a lot of goodness left. All the very best, Vishal .

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