Wild days, heart break and pain


The days of heart-break and pain,

every time it told a new story,

unrequited love,

loosened grip on destiny,


Image sourced from http://68.media.tumblr.com

wild heart,

it now belongs to another era,

dusting every pain with a sprinkle of salt,

flushing the scars,

a smile to bury the disappointment,

turning the leaf of time,

carefree days,

exploring the soul,

letting loose,

it pulls every time like a magnet,


every single second counted,

verging on extremities,

losing one’s way,

to the flavor of alcohol,





never shied away to burn the tongue,

blood tasted like water,


unquenched thirst,

tripping  on the wet road to hold rain drop inside the palm,

it bore no shame,

a song for every occasion,

drenched in every sauce,

left behind in memory’s trove.













41 thoughts on “Wild days, heart break and pain

  1. narkhedekhushal

    as an amateur writer, I had to google some words, and the beauty of pain started unfolding,
    and it touched more as it is quite relatable! too good👌🏻

      • My pleasure Vishal, and thank you in return for your kind compliment. Your words ring true – in those helpless moments, true gems of wisdom are birthed. Wishing you a magical day my friend xx

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