Quilled heart


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Stain of ink on white sheet,

you marvel on the love letter,

fragrance of rose,

pouring my heart,

drop of tear,

releasing emotions,

it’s no coy sentimentality,

longing for your tresses,

fragmented soul,

feel the pain,

i dare you cannot,

for its words that drench your senses,

my story,

stroking her scent,

perfume that pierces every bit of my mind,

love is no entertainment,

no curry for my soul,

craved for her,

battling my demons,

for having loved and lost,

you lust for my poetry,

my letter of love,



I ain’t looking for empathy,

torn and battered,

emotions poured,

grief unraveled,

the love that cannot be saved,

it charms you,

besotted I am,

her gaze,


killing me every second,

she didn’t tear the letter,

the quill dried.







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