Lost echoes


Possessed souls,

spirits and djinns scything in the dark,

shrieking to break the cage,

a litany longing for freedom,

unfettering the claws,

a city lies in ruins,

shattered lives,

decrepit walls and wails,

choked by the lost echoes,

voices buried and dug in the pit

tapestry of rainbow shrouded in distant dreams,

seeker of unblemished love,

soiled by prejudices and hatred,

a land where humans swear by the skin’s color,

no home for children,

losing the battle,

it’s no fancy tale or wonderland,

crushed aspirations,

ghouls wearing the cloak of humanity,

travesty of sentiment,

empty stomachs,

massacre of innocent hearts





22 thoughts on “Lost echoes

  1. Beautiful poem .Don’t get offended nor think that I’m criticising your work.But please use light vocabulary which can be understood well,I’m not so good at english and trying to improving and learning from others esp you.But sometime use of high words ,make the poem or content little difficult to grasp.I mean k thoda flow reading mh and vo special flavour miss ho jta h.I know I’m talking rubbish ,Sorry for that.

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