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#QuotedStories6: ‘Losing everything is not the end of the road’

This post is written as part of ‘#QuotedStories linky party #6′ and on the quote, “Sometimes It takes losing everything, you have to finally grow and find yourself’ given by Upasna. The prompt is hosted by Upasna and Rohan. It’s a piece of fiction but which is a reality bite in it for all of us. Thank you Upasna for the inspiration and Rohan for encouraging us to beat the block. You folks rock.

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#QuotedStories6: ‘Losing everything is not the end of the road’

‘Stop running. You are not a rat,’ the seer told me. ‘You have come to me so that I pacify your heart and tell that you shall overcome everything and rise from the ashes like the Phoenix film star beating dozen villains on-screen. What if I told you that you will fail and will be stuck till your dead-end?”

I stared at the religious man. He smirked at me. “You are seeking validation, right now. Fooling oneself is the mark of cowards. All odds are stacked against you, I agree. The truth is that your soul is tired and cannot accept failure since you are wearing the blinker of past success. The only miracle that you deserve is a good kick in the bum.”

The baba is hallucinating. He must be snorting cocaine, I was convinced. He gently held my hand, “No son, I have not gone bonkers. You are angry. I can see it into your eyes. Your past is haunting you. The present is making you a coward. The feeling of the future slipping away from your hand is a sign of insecurity gnawing every thread in your body. Be truthful to your own self. There is no need to seek validation from the world. Bury the past. Have the guts.”

He was firm but filled with compassion at the same time. The wind fluttered. A smooth breeze ruffled my hair. I could feel that things are changing. Suddenly, I feel a dash of positivity. There was an inherent conviction that I have been doing things the wrong way where my soul is tired and battered.

“Where are you?, the holy man asked. “Prisoner of your thought. The past relationships and rejections are hurting you because things are not going your way. We don’t have the power to flesh things in a planned structure.” It was the truth. I knew that. The guiding light is shining on me. I loved and lost. The entire blocks that I laid to be successful were crumbling like the bricks from the sky rise and washed by the heavy rains. I am this building constructed with pain and it is being slowly wiped off the ground. The time is now to do things differently.

He read my thought. “There is a change in your body language. It’s the call of the soul which is giving you perspective of things to unfurl right in front of you. Change is happening. You are the light. Be the warrior of change. In the past life, your ship was wrecked and you swam against the tide but the stormy water claimed you. There is a reason why every day, you come and sit here by the sea here. It’s the same water that took you away. You died a hero as the ship’s captain.”

My head was spinning and the body twirled off the shaky ground. I felt a jab on my chest and collapsed. Water sprinkled on my face. I slowly opened my eyes to see the slim spiritual man, twitching his mustache and smiling tenderly at me, “Son! You are blessed and got a second life. Value it. Start all over again.”

“Sometimes it takes losing everything, you have to finally grow and find yourself,” he walked away from me. I slowly got up and trudged towards my destination. I was going to start all over like a new-born and forgetting everything that occurred to me. I have given up living in the past.




Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

22 thoughts on “#QuotedStories6: ‘Losing everything is not the end of the road’

    1. Thanks so much Sir. You have brought perspective to the post and it’s very true about time and space. The past is our root that we cannot stay without but it’s always good to be open to the present. Thanks Sir for always encouraging my writing.

    1. Thanks so much. I’ve drawn on real life experience when I decided to start things all over last year. It worked. There is no point in comparing our past success and this whole competition thing irks me.

      1. Yes, it demands a lot to break away from the glorious past and sometimes you need to move ahead to see things the way it should. But, the past can be empowering as well.

  1. Is that you Vishal? Its always better to let go of the past and leave behind the bitter tastes. A curious tale.

    1. It’s very important for someone to move on with the good things in life but at the same time the glorious past can empower us. But better not to compare both times. I tried to weave a story with the seer teaching a young man.

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