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The Queen who touched hearts but never said bye

A drop of tear,

languishing on the futile existence,


O’ death! You are silly and stupid,

Life! The monster that creates out of dust!

Thousand questions in the mind’s bubble!

Claiming someone so young,

why put them on earth?




to fight inner demons,


But, Goddesses have to go back to rule their kingdom,

angels touching our hearts with the wand of beauty,

They must return to their abode,

to give happiness and joy

fellow traveler struts her way,

where she is needed,

sweetness to touch the skies and stars,



giver of joy,

she shall stay alive forever,

celebrating her womanhood in all its form,


a queen,

making every second matter,

death is not for her,

good souls never go anywhere,

she ruled supreme over ordinary mortals like us,

ah! those conversations,

it belonged to another universe where she now belongs,

words of encouragement spurned like magic,


never saying no for it wasn’t in your dictionary,

touching lives,

substance is your name,

forever alive,

for you never went anywhere,

it’s just that you didn’t say bye,

soulful friend,

departed in the prime of youth

you shall be missed.

PS: This poem is dedicated to my blog and FB friend, Pariknitha who passed away last week. We never met in real but our occasional conversations on FB and blog felt like a life time of memory. There are souls like her. Gifted! They make you feel so amazing and have a life long impact.








Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

18 thoughts on “The Queen who touched hearts but never said bye

  1. Oh .. I am so sorry to hear this.. my condolences vishal … I am sure she is in a better place.. ..and hearing all you have written.

    God bless and take care…

    1. Thanks. It’s my thought wondering on the futility of life at the end of the day. Hope you doing well, mate:) As I said I wasn’t really close to her but the few conversations we had made it a life time memory. Pari was a a very popular blogger.

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