Movie Review: Jagga Jasoos is a wonder tale


Film Review: Jagga Jasoos

Cast: Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Saswata Chatterjee, Saurabh Shukla, Sayani Gupta and Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Rating: 3.5 stars

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A film dragged and stuck for years, release date constantly postponed is bound to lose its freshness and crisp narration over time which, in turn, makes the viewers lose interest. At last, Jagga Jasoos hit the theaters and one must laud the makers for bringing to the fore a unique concept that has not been tested earlier. The distinct story style like in children’s story book makes Jagga Jasoos the winner. The film finds its distinct voice that ensures that it knows its audience by heart, the young children but also woos adults. In short, Jagga Jasoos has its soul in the right place where it beautifully blends Charlie Chaplin, Raj Kapoor’s Mera Naam Joker and Tintin. A joyride and an honest attempt to tickle the funny bone steered by the versatile Ranbir Kapoor upping his act and delivering flawlessly.

The first half is wacky and zany where the narration takes us to the childhood days of Jagga, his school and detective adventures which hold the rhythm and the scenes are concocted in a delicious manner, be it the chasing scenes or his meeting with journalist Shruti Sengupta(Katrina Kaif). Jagga stammers in the film while Shruti is prone to mishap, and together they uncover arms trafficking, traveling from India to Mombassa in Africa.

Unfortunately, the second half of the movie starts at a sluggish pace, losing track of the build up that was set in the first half, something that the makers should have worked upon to tighten both the screenplay and narration. But, thankfully, Jagga Jasoos gets back on track where the audience is treated to a tacky climax that sees Jagga uniting with Tutti Futti.

Ranbir Kapoor is riveting, effortless and sublime in showcasing his versatility and the charm that he lends to his character elevates the film. He plays a college student with utmost ease and the scene where he cries his lungs out waiting for the postman warms the heart. There is no limit to the various shades portrayed by the actor and the display of acting histrionics shows that a superstar worth his name is at work. Sadly, Katrina Kaif fails to perform despite having an author backed role and runs short of expectations as the hero’s sidekick.  At times, she is expressionless.

Saurabh Shukla puts a decent act but by now the characters that he plays has become tedious and too repetitive, a hang over from his Tehkikat days on TV. Saswata Chatterjee lends credibility to his character Tutti Futti and brings the endearing quotient that complements Jagga with ease.

Of course, what stands out in Jagga Jasoos is the brilliant hue of color palette displayed by the Director of Photography, S Ravi Varman that gives shade to the novel concept espoused by the film, thus, making it a sheer delight to the aesthetic senses. The songs that Tutti Futti teaches Jagga as a child brings to the fore the chemistry between the two and lights up the moments which are deemed essential in this genre of comedy. The good thing is that the film offers an experimental approach that makes Jagga Jasoos a distinct fare.

The flick suffers from glitches in the post-production that slackens the pace and it seems that the makers were in a hurry, leading to botched up scenes.  First, the dubbing of Katrina Kaif’s voice bears a terrible impact, moving from her original voice to the new one and again back to square one, leaving the audience confused. The two back-to-back songs hold the story flow and after some point,  the narration loses steam, It could have been tightened by slashing the movie to make it 2 hours entertainment rather than veering towards three hours.

Shot majorly in Manipur, Jagga Jasoos bears an uncanny resemblance to the earlier Ranbir-Basu collaboration Barfi and despite the glitches, Jagga Jasoos deserves to be watched for bringing a novel concept on-screen. The story telling technique, goofy acts and Ranbir credible performance where he lends his personal touch in the role experimentation makes Jagga Jasoos an endearing film. Such a film must be encouraged that will pave the way for more makers and actors treading on the unexplored path to bring joy to the audience. A daring act. Don’t miss Jagga Jasoos for it will kindle the child in you alive in this wonder tale. It sends a strong message: Children don’t need guns but sweets.




46 thoughts on “Movie Review: Jagga Jasoos is a wonder tale

  1. It’s a shame when a film is wanted so badly, and delayed so much, only to be put out as if it were a college student creating it. I imagine if they had thought about it more, they could have made it an incredible film.

  2. Ranbir Kapoor takes up an acting challenge with such ease and nothing like Burfi can stand proof to that. This sure is another one. His acting could do justice to this movie, unlike the cold and plastic Katrina Kaif. Yet to watch this one, Vishal. Thank you for your review on this one.

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