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Kodak moments: Mumbai on its toes

It’s both a very busy and lazy week for me as winter has already seeped in which makes it an arduous task to write at length. There are so many things to do. Since most of you have beaten hands down the Monday Blues, a small treat to most of you in the form of my favorite shots taken during my last visit to India. No prize for guessing? It’s Mumbai! It’s been ages that I haven’t shared pictures on the blog that makes memory whooshed to the mind as if it was yesterday only.

The skyscraper aerial view of Mumbai from the Emirates Airlines as it was descending its way towards the airport at Santacruz. I was so excited and felt a pang of anxiety at the same time to see the city, my city. No wonder, it’s a treat as the heart ran amok with excitement trying to locate places near the CST airport.

This shot was taken as the taxi screeched its way out of the airport zone and it gave a feeling of life embedded in simplicity in Mumbai and of course, the humble line up of houses and shops, billboard of the Vodafone banner, a lady dressed in saree walking past the rickshaw gives a feel of life in the city. There is so much to Mumbai, right from the fast life to simplicity that can be found in some places far away from the bustling center.

It’s my city where life is not fake and its inhabitants toiling hard 24/7 to make things happen for them. They may bear traces of bruise on their respective faces but they will carry the burden of life walking past the iconic yellow-and-black cabs. It’s one image that brings a smile on the face watching people determined and for whom the world never stops. Happens only in Mumbai. The picture must have been taken on the way towards Sion station from JJ Flyover.


The picture was shot in the surrounding of Colaba near the National Gallery of Modern Arts in the city which was a regular sight for me the time I was staying in the city and walking to Colaba where you get to see a city on its toes.





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30 thoughts on “Kodak moments: Mumbai on its toes

    1. I can relate to that excitement of landing in Delhi, For me, it’s always been Mumbai and make sure that I get a window seat in the plane:) I love to touch my cheek to the window and gazing outside.

  1. Nice street shots! Mumbai is a city where you can see a huge variety in one frame, isn’t it? From high rises and swanky apartments to people rushing around for their daily bread. That’s what makes the city so vibrant, I guess.

    1. Thanks so much for dropping. A city of so many extreme where the sun shines on everyone, right from the rich to the middle class or poor. There are so many shades in just one frame. It makes it so endearing:) Spot on observation.

  2. We all love the place we belong to or the place we identify ourselves with. But very few know the pulse, the character of their city. For me it’s Bangalore. I studied engineering in a small town 200kms from Bangalore. When my bus used to enter Bangalore suburbs, I used to open the window and smell the air. The smoke and the trees, both contributed equally to the identity of the air in the city.

    1. I relate to that so much and does the same in Mumbai, walking near the slums or small houses. I studied in Pune which is also home and live to breathe in the air. I was at Fergusson College and whenever I am there, first thing is to take a walk inside the campus. Pure bliss.

    1. Hi Nisha, so good to see you after long time and how you’ve been! True, this feeling when the plane lands in India that brings a whiff of divinity or the pungent smell, no matter what and we know we are in India 🙂

  3. The thrill of landing in your hometown is one you really cannot put into words. Your pictures and the little write up that follows express the excitement you felt, Vishal. Loved that third picture and the “It’s my city where life is not fake and its inhabitants toiling hard 24/7 to make things happen for them.” that went with it. So very true, I have felt it too when I land and make my way home in Bengaluru.

    1. Thanks so much. Words do fail when we capture emotions and thrill of landing at home. This picture is a personal favorite and whose echo sound so true in so many places, where people are constantly on their toes to make things happen. It’s a matter of do-or-die.

  4. Mumbai really pulsates with life and its citizens can be seen buzzing to its tune all the time. I am not a big fan of Mumbai but love the street life that I get to see there as a tourist. And love the small street food joints all over the city which dish out some amazing fare.

    1. Thanks Shalz. Mumbai has this effect on the people and the way we see the people struggle, dancing to its tune and at the end of the day love the city like anything. It’s such an incredible place and street food, street life takes the pie. It celebrates life 🙂

    1. Yes, very old shots but I am sure the city hasn’t changed but also as testified by you. Next time, I should try the outskirt to admire life and there are places where Mumbai can be simple. I love it and agree: Mumbai welcomes its people back with the same warmth and running around never stops 🙂

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