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A city’s tale & stirred emotions

Wavering steps below the sky rises, tired legs strutting its way in the midst of the crowd swarming to its destined journey as one chime at the strongly flavored curry flowing to hit the nose. The hungry laden stomach and mouth swirling in the imaginary bliss of alcohol are reminiscent of the last drop.

The sinuous roads and inhabitants sprout their roots under the Gulmohar and Banyan trees that give a shade in the sweltering heat to tiring legs and sweaty bodies on the pavement. Whispers gravitate under the shade and gentle breeze travel places to smother the cheek and parched lips. Thirst is quenched and wreathed circle of smokey memories linger to the taste of the mind. There are cities and it’s this city standing tall to capture our emotions and happiness in a balloon skittering closer towards the sky.

Unfed mouths, lanky and battered man sidling in tiny step as if the earth would bore fissure, stuffing cigarette boxes in his tiny but torn pockets with the rough and scratchy hands peddling steamy tea in the stainless steel jug to earn a dime to feed the stomachs. The thatched parchment, standing on edge of the raucous sea waves, snuggled together and jostling for space, doddering at the fissures where human emotions are washed by the mighty sea.

The sunset spurning its magic, coalescing with the suddenly tranquil waves, fading sky and the calming ardor in the night as furtive eyes of visitors swirl to weave stories in the flickering seconds. Haggling with hawkers, squabbles in the middle of the road, tea glugged in a hurry to catch the last local or feeding the pigeons. Lovers’ nest in the open where space is a luxury hard to find to satiate human desire and wrath incurred is met with invisible eyes. There is pretense with hunky dory love, making out as the storm of shower smear the face. Relationships are traded in the city at every single moment and it hangs on a thin thread. Stories are weaved. Break ups are routine. The cosseted world where chaos reign supreme and speed is routine. Life bears no certainty.

Variegated emotions of desire, defeat and seeking joy in crumpled space where sins are committed behind closed doors and everyone wears a veil in the hustle bustle of city life. Being busy is a privilege where lives are crumpled.

Days and nights flicker in a matter of seconds. Stench of tobacco, cheap liquor and immorality find legitimacy. Nobody gives a damn. Aspirations become hope for a better tomorrow offers a brightly lit sunshine. Till there is life, breaths are exuded! It becomes a hazy affair to believe in the ludicrousness scheme and unattainable goals. Destiny is a bitch and devil shriveling us into tiny particles to be reduced to naught.

The pigeons fly to their destination in quest of grain, flutter past the seas and skyscrapers where every flesh counts as long as their hearts beat. It’s the gospel truth. Keep moving. Tomorrow shall be another day that will gather steam.





Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

35 thoughts on “A city’s tale & stirred emotions

  1. Belated birthday wishes, Vishal! Hope you had a good one with more than just the sea and sun for company.
    No second thoughts on the city in question but your words paint a brilliant yet vivid image of the fast, glamorously unglamorous events in a city. As always your passion is evident. Your style keeps the reader wanting for more.

      1. Yeah I have worked as a full time journo and now, I am on a freelance basis but mostly working from home PR consultant and journo for business website:)

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