Tale in the sky and cloud

Glistening sky and cloud

Dribble of rain,

cool waves seeping in

Silent night,

streaming tears of happiness

sparkle of peace,

soothing energy,

sitting in the dark,

letting tenderness and gentleness flow in

harking to childhood days of love,

gentleness of our elders,

unspoken lesson of kindness and wisdom

Halcyon epoch,

trekking the mountains,

soiling the trousers and dancing in the mud

a long and forgotten era

where race, caste or class belonging didn’t matter

reclaim this innocence

let the air flow in to capture our undying spirit

time for the child to reclaim us

Time vanish like thin air

make every moment worth it

be glorious

may love always win




14 thoughts on “Tale in the sky and cloud

  1. Wow… a beautiful poem, Vishal in the quiet of the night remeniscing the innocence of childhood. Reminds me of the days my brother and I would sit on the terrace and count stars and make patterns of it when we give up. Funny now, but those were all that mattered then.

    • Hey hope you doing good. I mean, these are blissful days, dreaming about life and counting stars. Guess, life has changed but with time we miss the simplicity of those days 🙂

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