My city, my heart and limitless heights


Glittering lights,

soaring to limitless heights,

Chaos is thy name,




home to the homeless,

dash of rainbow,

sprinkle of rain,

mad rush,

where hope is worn on the sleeve,

I wear my city on my heart,

for it doesn’t know how to stop

it’s our universe,

giving us opportunity in abundance

love can be an obsession

my city shows how

it has a place and space for everyone,

doing things off limit

the slowest gathers pace in the city

it runs in our veins.





44 thoughts on “My city, my heart and limitless heights

      • My kind of place. Seriously, I’m a city person, and my take on it is, if you’re a big city, and a capital (thinking of Finland here), you better go round the clock. Then again, winters are pretty cold in Helsinki, so I get the logic. But, on the other hand, with people reluctant to go back into the cold but being huge drinkers, bars would make a killing. But then you have the alcohol problem again. You really can’t run this.

      • I am such a big city dude, a place that has no limit and making me running, like you say go round the clock. I am also in winter on the island, faraway from my city. Wine and scotch always helps…hehe got a VAT 69 bottle for company. Once in a while kinda social drinker I’ve turned with two to three pegs on a day:)

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