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Tales in cramped boxes

Hiding thousand stories behind closed doors,

Decrepit houses and worn out emotions,

as the car swirls off the flyover,

leaving lives behind

Clothes dried on window panel

Various tales in cramped boxes

Untold life

happiness, bruise, scars and struggles

Lesser mortals we chose to ignore at the highway,

sheltered inside as the door bangs open every monsoon

yelp of a baby,

cry of a battered wife

a father’s prayer to feed mouths

Starving inside

the world may choose to ignore,

stark reality of lives

sordid affairs in maximum city

siren of pressure cooker

rains washing away emotions and sins






Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

60 thoughts on “Tales in cramped boxes

      1. Not a risk at all. My parents , who are on high on creativity otherwise , decided to go with the name my grandma suggested . So here I am with one of the most common names you could have , but uncommon for a Goan catholic …thank God for small mercies πŸ™‚

      2. Oh! Cool! That’s interestting and didn’t know the history behind the Pri name. I have another name on my birth certificate that I hate like anything because according to some fucked up Pandit in his head!!! My parents, well being who they are, went along with that! The story of my life.

    1. It’s so true and I often wonder at lives behind the cramped boxes. There are so many stories I’ve heard and the pressure cooker is a legendary. I so miss the Monsoon!

      1. Awesome. I didn’t know. Once I did stopover at the impressive airport. There was a time I wanted to shift there but heard there is a stark reality behind the projected glamor!

  1. After having read your later poem, this brings in a stark contrast. Where the later poem talks about the zest in city life, this one talks of it’s evils. And both are equally true and well portrayed in your work. Keep it up Vishal

    1. I think there are both sides in Mumbai or for that matter any big city. If there is glamor, there is also a stark reality of poverty, extra marital affairs for living so close to each other, hunger and lack of facilities. I often wonder what goes behind close doors or curtains for that matter πŸ™‚

      1. Yes, indeed. I feel that it’s not a bad deal to start all over again in Pune. There is still a homely feeling despite the city has changed drastically over the past decade.

      2. That’s there yes, but its fast changing. Even we feel feel the change coming. I liked the Pune of my college days better than this eager adolescent its grown backward into. Buildings buildings and more buildings everywhere are ruining the quiet in this city. By the time my daughter is as old as me, Pune won’t be livable anymore πŸ™

      3. You know when I came back after the blissful college days, I was in for a rude shock. I remember meeting my Philosophy teacher for Xmas and while having tea we discussed how the city is change. He told that despite protests, people are going ahead with structures on hill. I think we can relate to the quietness of the city. I mean it’s extremely sad what money is turning the city into.

      4. Absolutely. I have been here now for over a decade and in those years I’ve seen it go from being a quiet haven to a buzzing hub of real estate activity. My own backyard has now turned into a building site. It’s really sad. And people can’t really do anything. How much and what all are they going to protest? It’s the got that should take a proactive stand. There are so many buildings that are lying vacant, because there’s a slump in the real estate market here. But it doesn’t stop builders from building. This is what the hobby should curb. We aren’t just wasting resources wear also using a finite amount of land for our infinite greed. It just makes me really really mad. Sorry about the father lobby comments. I get carried away

      5. Why sorry? I agree with you on the lobby comments and you must be spot on how the city is getting worse with all thos real estate following this Delhi-Gurgaon horrible mode. What with the cutting of trees? Those builders are so scrupulous and violating laws or the scant disregard for the environment. I remember that at some point there was a Save Pune Hills group but despite that, this greed is not stopping at all.

      6. Yes, it was there. Now it’s nowhere I think because there’s an abundance of builders lobbying at every level. People like you and me can only watch the city turn to a living hell.

      7. Indeed Pradita. Just watched a video how builders are employing every trick to intimidate Kolivara fisherfolk community to vacate their premises. The people are not against development but want redevelopment that would benefit them. Unfortunately, corrupt builders want to make crores on the same people who have been living there for years.

      8. Yes, cops are intimidating them. Those people are open to development but not theft. I may come with a fiction on this same theme someday. Let’s see. Reminds me that aaj I gotta read your fiction…the end of your amazing story.

      9. Cops, ministers, bureaucracy, even the common man is involved in this. And then we cry we have corruption. We are a corruption of nature. This planet would be far better off without us on it.

        Thank you for taking out the time to comment on my rants and read my story. But I’ve removed it from my blog because I’m working on converting into a book. So sorry. πŸ˜€

      10. It’s the worse you know with upar se neeche tak sab khata hai! I swear. Hey! That’s awesome and glad you making it into a book. I have a couple of romance stories here and on the other blog. One is called, An Orkut Love Story:) I may start something new age or week after: Campus romance:) You are a terrific story teller.

      11. I never was that active on the likes of Hi5, Friendster and MySpace. Orkut was the only place,and then later FB. I’ll be sure to check out those posts πŸ˜€

      12. Except on Hi 5 and Orkut, I don’t even know what Friendstar or My Space look like. I came back on FB after 6 months…hehe I feel social media can be such a drag.

      13. But my point is just how much land do we need for our living purposes? We’re the most populous species on the planet barring microorganisms. We keep building workout mixing in those houses. Or we keep buying and we call it investment. Why are we becoming a pestilence on this planet?

      14. It’s what I believe and yesterday was having this chat with a friend: how much do we, merc, crores worth house and we put the planet in danger.

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