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Sparkling ‘May’ Spicy tales

The days are flickering and slipping in the dint of time. The month of May is no different but with an extra sparkle of sunshine glittering on life. Work is always served hot on the platter. Unlike April, the month of May was less stormy where we had meetings with prospective clients, catching up with friends over coffee and chit chatting with new people. How I love that!

The month which is almost reaching its dead-end serves its purpose with exciting news falling one after the other. I love such ends with creative fulfillment and purpose where two of my articles, one on postcard collections in India and the STD/PCO booth in India were featured on The Indian Trumpet special pickle issue. You can read them along with other stories of fellow writers on this amazing issue here. Do grab a copy at a nominal price, though! The cherry on cake happened last Saturday when Blogadda featured my post on South Mumbai as its Spicy Saturday Pick. It was written last Friday and was a heinous task, sourcing my own pictures and the whole editing process. My WordPress was behaving weird with parts being pasted repeatedly on its own but finally took shape and worth the effort with Blogadda guys putting it on top of their website. It couldn’t get better than that.

The divine form has ingenious ways to swaddle you in its embrace, be it meeting new people or garnering praise from a client yesterday during a professional meeting. I also had the chance to stumble someone from Pune in the coffee shop who happens to be in the ad world and met another guy from India yesterday who is from AISEC. It gives me an aha feeling to meet fellas Indians in the country that I am based. Finally, I got to taste yummy Indian food last Saturday at the Indian Food Mela being hosted by the Indian Mission and the Indian Women Association…the mouth watering Pav Bhaji, Vada Pav and Dahi Vada that I crave for. I shall do a post very soon on it.

There are several books that I’ve been reading recently with some rom-com making a comeback for me and loving it all. My eyes fell on an entire shelf in my local book shop dedicated to Indian romance and naturally, I lapped them all. I will also be back to reading Harry Potter and loving Chrissy poetry book, Love and Vodka. The romance book that I am speaking is Red is for Love and Black is for Kohl by Priyanka Bharadwaj. The writing of this young girl is refreshing and awesome like mint chocolate. Do give her a shout on Goodreads for it’s a youth anthem on college days and relationships.

On the blip side, I am getting a tailored suit where the material is imported from Siyaram and had a couple of trials, at times going all the way when the tailor didn’t turn out. He pissed me the last time when I found that the blazer’s sleeve length stitch was a bad fit. The guy was sitting and arguing with me when I bluntly told him that it doesn’t make sense to wear something which will make me awkward. Hopefully, I shall get my brand new grey suit on Monday with the cutting done again to my aesthetic comfort. I never compromise on style. Never mind, the quality of Siyaram’s clothing is of fine embroidery.







Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

13 thoughts on “Sparkling ‘May’ Spicy tales

  1. A lovely and exciting month you are basking in. Will read your featured posts, congratulations for that , Vishal. Hope June is raining excitement and opportunities. Enjoy, Vishal! Loved your style of writing and enjoyed the read!

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