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#Quotedstories: Words that hurts and heals

The tongue is a ruthless weapon. The power to lash in moments of anger where no one is spared and once the storm has subsided, the mountain of regret can plague us throughout the rest of our life. After all, who says that words don’t kill?


It doesn’t take a second or minute to break a friendship or relationship by spewing venom through the sheer force of our words that hurt in places that no deadly weapon can. We are humans. We get angry. While we end up saying things on the spur of the moment, little do we realize how we cannot take back the words that stab on the unlikeliest of places. It wounds the soul and its a burden that we can carry till the grave. Negative energy flows in. It can harm us for the rest of our lives. It carries such negative energy that can make us hit a dead-end and no matter what we undertake in life, it can turn us into failures. Have you wondered why? Words.

It happened with me in the past. I ended up saying things to an irritating friend whom I never liked in our gang. In fact, both of us hated each other and there was so much anger brewing inside me. Once, I was running a high fever and was weak when he wrote something on my wall in Orkut. I responded with insults calling his brainless and much more. I couldn’t hold myself and wrongly thought that insulting him would mean a victory to me. It was wrong. I know. But, luckily, as time passed, he reached out to me on FB and suggested that we make fresh beginnings. Like he said, both of us were immature at that point. It made sense to me.  Such closure can empower you, trust me.

It was not the first instance and it happened with the crush I was madly in love with. Words were not exchanged but my behavior of avoiding her and turning my face away from her when we met blew the friendship off. As college was getting over, I refused to write in her scrapbook. I was guilty. On the same day, she sent an SMS, where I was reproached about my behavior. There was a guilt that would never leave me in peace and it took me 10 years to say sorry to her last year. She was very sweet to me. I guess with time, we all change and can be mature in handling our relationships with the ones we love and who will always hold a special place in our hearts.

As I look back, I could have handled things in a better manner by getting rid of my ego or for that matter, take a deep breath and do other things. That way, I would no longer be angry to utter words that cannot be taken way. Once the words are spelled, it’s doom. It’s true we can be forgiven but words uttered can never be forgotten. I think that meditation can help us a lot to be calmer and avoid telling things that we wouldn’t mean in a moment of fury. Why bruise the soul and carry a burden that will harm us? It’s not the way to grow as humans. Like someone once said, it takes years to build a friendship but it hardly takes time to break it apart.

Take a break, take a Kit Kat! What better way to let sweetness flow through the tongue rather than trading words that hurt. If we have to unleash the tongue, spread happiness, laughter and sweetness that will make us healers and make a soulful experience to fellow travelers in this journey. I wouldn’t say to be careful with words for it puts too much burden on us but to adorn them like the flowers sprouting in your garden. You wouldn’t like the thorns to prick you, right!

Once the doom is spread through your words, there is no power on earth that can help to vanquish them in the air. Words are the sword that pierces us in the unlikeliest of places and perhaps, more powerful than a bullet. It may be forgiven with time but forgetting them is no easy task. Next time, you are feeling angry, take a deep breath and go onto self-introspection or a walk. Let the angst or frustration filter. Be in control. Have a sweet meat. Let it swirl in the tongue and gently caressing your soul.

This post is written based on this quote, Be Careful with your words, once they are said, they can be forgiven but not forgotten’-Carl Sandburg. I am linking it with #Quotedstories by Upasana & Rohan.











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12 thoughts on “#Quotedstories: Words that hurts and heals

  1. Vishal, you did the toughest job today-to confess, to accept your faults. Writing is a magical thing. Putting our story into words is so relaxing. The next time I feel anger overpowering my tongue, I am gonna use your tip- Have a Kit Kat and let the anger pass. Thanks for linking up and supporting the linky with your kind words and tweets.

    1. Thanks so much Upasna. You are so right, writing empowers us and let our emotions flow. It’s such a good thing to let out in a public, online space. I think we become wise after some point in life and am trying ways to subside anger. Taking a walk surrounded by trees or meditation even writing in the personal diary.

  2. So true- Words can be the most powerful weapon! written and oral… yes, definitely sometimes a pause, deep breath or a kit kat is in order before we speak:-) well written piece my friend, I hope you are well and happy:-)

  3. Wow this is so profound and so candid. Words pierce our heart like a dagger at times and it takes years for the damage to be undone. A wonderful quote and so honestly written.

    1. Thanks Akshata and glad to see you here. Once we speak words that pierces the heart, it takes so long to heal. It’s a burden that we carry till the end. Your words mean a lot.

  4. Very true, Vishal. But like they say, to err is human. At some point in our lives, we have all been there done that. In such situations, the best (and sometimes the only) thing that can be done is learning from our past mistakes, and moving on.

    1. Thanks Shanaya and good to see you here. I agree and see the point. It makes us human to react in such a way and as we grow and become wiser with time, there are several lessons on how to approach the situation. Love the idea of Moving ON!

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