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The King of Good Times and Her Majesty’s Mehmaan

Who says he is no longer the King of Good Times? A perfectly scripted story that would send Modi-Ji’s demonetisation move in the cupboard as it would have been the perfect steal to bring Vijay Mallya back home. Another master stroke in the making! Wrong signal it seems as Mallya was arrested and got bail in no time.

Ever wondered what the British cops and courts were lured with? The promise of an exotic free trip in the now dead KingFisher airlines with calendar girls for company and the rare sight of sexy and bold air hostesses in skimpy red KF uniform. Gimme Red! In true Mallya style, a promise of Kingfisher Beer Strong ultra mild. Is it the biggest illusion? Not to the now secretly public owners of our Kohinoor, dearest British friends but to us, Indians, who thought the Indian Government would be credited for this ingenuity of bringing Mallya home. It’s the Don moment, Mallya ko pakadna mushkil hi nahin namunkin hai. Koi bhi chance nahin as The King of Good Times remain well…the Baadshah that beats SRK to death. Those Pappus thinking he would become a pauper overnight! Keep dreaming, the Mallya dude must be laughing at us.

After all, Waqt waqt ki baat hai and what one can do in a matter of three hours? Getting bail and partying with his damsels in Raja style and tweeting to the world he thinks we runk are sinking in our illusion that he is our apna and no paraya. He is the Raja and we are the runk whose plans has gone Kaput. Poor, Praja, us who thought that the Raja of Good Times would adorn our new and glamorous Kingfisher calendar posing in different avatars with handcuffs for the rest of the year replacing our old calendars with the bevy of beauties striking a pose in the cold waters of Goa. Now, where is the sword of Tippu Sultan? Obviously cutting his white beard and selling them for 9,000 crores. Who will enter this 9,000 crores club made of daari and Tippu Sultan sword? Ask Salman, Rohit Shetty and SRK for 100 crores is passe now.


The King of Good Times is epic as he secured bail faster than the Rahul Baba and Akhilesh Bhaiya lost UP upar neeche and no, Mallya Sir is not giving our Sarkar an orgasm of sort. Maan na Maan, Mallya is the Mehmaan of her majesty, United Kingdom. See, he not Brexited! Ask Theresa for the month of May will not be ours to rejoice. As it is, it’s making our Sarkar nibbling fingers and racking brains on how to make the King lose his mojo and crave for his Bad Times.  The angrez brexited avatar is legion and our Mallya is not extradited. It’s all about the power like the netas will tell us. A game of cat and mouse Mallya played with the cops and for now, we have to abandon our dream of singing a duet with him, Pehla aap welcoming him in jail. How he gave us the slip and it feels like apna Mallya who once sung, Jaa jaldi bhag bhaaag jaa imagining himself to be the hero of Priyadarshan’s remake Bhagam Bhaag.

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No wonder, the Raja of Good Times gave as freebies an extra mild and poisonous concoction to Angrez authorities so that he could sip his liquor in peace. King Fisher beer me milawat hai, bhai! It’s a truly United Spirit tale of Raja aur Rancho who needs to make a comeback on the small screen to tell the tale of the King of Good Times. It’s a Royal Challenge (ers) to get this Mallya dude.

Our man knows for sure how to stump the laws and deliver a sixer in the land that once ruled us. He is our asli Kohinoor and trust our Angrez friends to get him back. Wait! Maybe Prince William and Kate will bring this Kohinoor in their luggage the next time they pose for a selfie in front of Taj Mahal. Till then, the King of Good Times will be busy dancing to the tune of Kala Chasma with William and Kate. Who knows?

Now, time for all of us, Sarkar, media and mango people to call it a day, do some chest thumping and Kingfisher extra mild pee ke talli ho jao. Let’s stop the hype for the Raja is the only hype. Now, where is my Kingfisher premium beer? Time to cool my heels?

Cheerz to the King of Good Times





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15 thoughts on “The King of Good Times and Her Majesty’s Mehmaan

  1. Hah! There’s one in every country, isn’t there? 😃 I used to compile them and compare, so my friends in other countries could appreciate and understand what I was talking about. All in the sense of cross-cultural communication of course. 😎

  2. Exactly like I said, one in every country. 😃 And sure, beer as well. Here we have the Golden Drops. They’re as golden as Finnish winters are short and sunny, but sure. Don’t drink beer, because I prefer liqueurs, but my friends all opt for the non-local variety. And they’ve been born and bred here.

  3. Now why would one willingly go and ruin a perfectly good summer get-together with something as vile as beer?! Seriously though, some of my best memories do revolve around just sitting together with a group of friends, and everyone drinking beer.

    1. haha I swear! Once a friend told me a beer freshen one’s after a tiring day at work. It’s been ages I haven’t had a beer. True that, beer or even any form of alcohol makes the bonding a story worth telling. Been there, done that, Having beer in a car early morning for a friend’s birthday.

      1. Yeah, I keep hearing that from friends, how it’s refreshing, lasts just the right amount of time. Still not convinced. Love the stories, though. Always will. It’s not even about getting drunk (those are stories you expect), just the atmosphere.

      2. Yeah I swear. I’ve cut alcohol also, though I enjoy my 2 to 3 pegs of scotch whisky once in a while. Winter will be on the way and gotta buy my bottle in another month…hehe

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