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Seeking productive energy and happiness

It was drizzling outside in the dark. The sound of the water splashing felt like a lyrical composition of a soft lullaby murmured in my ear. The lights were on in the room. You know this feeling, right?! Gentle pouring of water on the ground and the trace of rain falling on the window glass sheet soothes the soul and mind giving it the much-needed calmness to retain the composure and balance. I tossed on bed.

The eyes unfurled and opened at 4 a.m to the swaying of leaves and the soft sound of rain. It took a while for me to recall that I crashed early at 10 p.m the last night after taking the medicines for cough, sore throat, and mild fever. It felt a bit cold. I turned to my right and got out of bed in yog posture. It was an unusually wintry morning where I walked into the kitchen to boil the drinking water and poured milk in another pan.  The eyes vied for the tea leaves and milk brewing together, something which always fascinates me as  I rubbed the palms together and putting them an inch above the vessel. I love doing that in the cold weather to feel the warmth on my palm and watch the steam flowing. It’s a feeling of bliss.

The past few days hasn’t really been going strong with the unwanted feeling and thoughts hitting me in the unlikeliest of places and dampening the mind which goes into turmoil. The beautiful morning sent a reminder to focus on the positive aspect and as today, I read on someone’s blog how unhealthy it is to let negativity stay as a guest. It did the trick. I think it is important for all of us to be occupied with productive energy, be it reading, remembering the good memories and channeling our energies in the right place. I think meditation can help one to a great deal. Faffing to constant thoughts and actions, which has been an inherent part of me in recent years, does no good to anyone.

There is so much negative energy around us, be it with people or the online world that it takes a toll on our mental and physical health and well-being. I am touched by the positive story of the real-life S(hero), TV  anchor Surpreet Kaur who read the news about her husband’s death in a car accident which she didn’t realize at first but as the details came in the report, she got an inkling of the tragedy that struck her. More power to people like her who held her might in the studio. For me, this is positivity and strength. Had she cracked down on TV, one would understand since she is only human but one couldn’t stop admiring her inner strength.  Just imagine someone being struck by such a tragedy and the camera panning on her in this moment of grief. It’s such positivity that should reaffirm our strength, confidence and help us be in control of our lives.

Today is Easter. Yesterday was Shubo Nobo Borsho and Rongali Bihu the respective Bengoli and Assamese New Year. It’s the time when we exchange New year greetings and celebration wishes with our loved ones and friends. We may not be born in a community celebrating specific festivals but we become a beautiful part of it in spirit and thought. Today, my neighbor came early morning with a bag filled with chocolates for Easter as we wished each other Happy Easter and it made the day. I have always believed in celebrating numerous festivals, be it Diwali, Eid, Xmas, Spring or the numerous festivals which one may not be culturally attuned to but, it brings immense joy to the soul and reaffirms our faith in humanity. It’s the happiness and bonding that the world needs through the channeling of our energies as human beings.

On that note, let’s raise a toast to channel our energies to positive feelings, love and spreading positive vibes to fellow humans so that no one suffers in any form, be it the topsy-turvy mind doing a u-turn and delete the word hate from our lives.

Love and Shubbhratri







Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

12 thoughts on “Seeking productive energy and happiness

  1. The first paragraph of your post is so much in sync with my thoughts, rain, I love it always…listening to the rain is no less musical to me than listening to a ghazal… 🙂

    Subho nobo borsho, Vishal..may you achieve everything you wish this year… 🙂

  2. Happy New Year, Easter, etc. So very true about staying positive. Sad thing is, people want to stay sad / miserable / unhappy. But the key is to do your own thing, and ignore those telling you you’re too happy (true story). And take our cues from those we admire.

  3. Great read Vishal! yes, very important to seek positive energy… And shut out negativity… make as much out of life as we can:-) And I believe for many it is a choice… warm thoughts to you my friend- well said!

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