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On the move with Divya Kapoor, author of ‘Love Has Its Various Ways’

Traveler, journalist, teacher, translator, life coach and tarot reader, author Divya Kapoor of ‘Love Has Its Various Ways’ is all that. The author is a firm believer in Reiki and Tarot Reading which she learned while pursuing her mass communications degree. She believes that life is a mystery and we have all come in this world to unravel it. Divya Kapoor says that her inclination to the ways of the universe started when she discovered her inborn talent of signature reading and the rare gift of insight and healing powers. The author of #lovehasitsvariousways is an EFT practitioner and holds a Masters in travel journalism on account of her passion for discovering new places that excites her.

Author Divya Kapoor

In this heart to heart chat on her book, #lovehasitsvariousways #divyakapoor25 speaks about the healing powers of love which can heal someone to fight depression and beyond. Being a ‘traveler’, the author announces that her next book will be about travel. You can visit Divya website here. You can also check and follow her blog here.

 Your book, Love Has Its Various Ways is targeted at people to empower them to become their own life coaches? How important, according to you, is the need to treat the relevance of coaching, self-growth, and development in todays world?

Yes, that’s what the book is about: Unleashing the Power Within. My own experience has helped me understand that life is all about growing and creating yourself. I have done a lot of courses for personal growth such as Reiki, healing, EFT, NLP and much more. With every course done, I learned something new in the path of self-discovery.  I believe that life is about growing and changing. Therefore, such courses help us to discover ourselves, become emotionally stronger and healthier as it is the way to reach our inner journey

Is the book a mirror image of your real life experience in the way you dealt with things on a personal and professional level? Can you give an insight of your learning that you injected in the book?

Yes, I have written this book from the perspective of my life experiences. When I was going through depression and personal setbacks, I didn’t have much help as I didn’t know how to express what was happening. My biggest help was the book “You can heal your life” by Louise Hay which is an amazing guidebook. At the age of 17, I searched for my life’s purpose following the setbacks and every time I learned something, I tried to pen it down in a bid to remember what the experiences taught me.

Sooner, I stopped searching for purpose as I figured that everything is love and if I can become complete love, I can radiate it and heal people through my writing, my experiences and words.

Today, there is a host of coaches such as Robin Sharma who teaches several processes to reach sky elevated growth and in this context, what is the USP of Love has its Various Ways’?

Yes, Robin Sharma is really inspirational and I have followed him for a while. The USP of my book is to solely find love within. The exercises make you come into your own, where you embrace your shit, calling spade a spade to find your inner truth and in the process become love rather than being an element to hurt yourself and others.

You are also a journalist who served in one of the leading newspapers in India Hindustan Times. To what extent has your interaction with people changed your life and found expression in the scripting of the book?

Yes, I worked as a freelancer for Inner Voice, HT and did my internship in journalism. I think that every day there was something new about people who I marveled at or which triggered me within. Over the time, I understood that the triggers were my issue, not theirs and I started working on them rather than working on the projection which is the outside world. One peculiar thing I have learned about people is being scared to be themselves, building an armor to protect them as they feel unsafe and afraid to let go of their comfort area.

Writer, language trainer, Life Coach NLP and EFT Practitioner, how do you juggle everything and to what extent it has helped you to grow as a person?

I don’t juggle, as I have stepped from one thing to another. I believe there are so many things to learn and practice and one needs to keep growing. Writing and training are my passion and all the other things are tools for to execute my passion.

In your book, you also spoke about a step-by-step approach to an 11-day workbook. Can you tell us about your experience with this process and how tough it is to go through this exercise for an average person in the quest to attain transformation?

Yes, after writing the book I felt it’s important for readers to incorporate the learnings in their everyday life. The workbook isn’t difficult to implement but it just needs commitment and complete surrender to the teachings. My own journey has been about being too scared to surrender to the universe. So, I believe that dropping the armor and surrendering is a difficult part and once you are able to overcome it, you are on the journey to retrain your brain.

You have the best of both worlds, in countries such as India, Colombia, and Spain. How has exposure to various cultures helped to shape you as a person?

It has been amazing to travel and live among different cultures but surprisingly all the countries I have visited and lived in boast of a rich and huge family culture as well as having a fetish for food which is similar to India. It helped me to adapt and become more of myself 100 percent without seeking acceptance from the outside world.

Can you tell us from which part of India you are and what it was like growing up in the country?

I am from New Delhi. I am from a grounded family. I love my city and have been blessed with an amazing and loving family who have always encouraged me to become more of myself. I believe that I am always going to be a delhite the way that I love driving around, marveling at the culture, being inspired by the intricate tomb designs, indulging in street food, shopping, and everything. Delhi is multicultural, full of heritage and every day tells a new story.

What is the role that a life coach and self-help books can play in the transformation of a person?

I think that a life-coach and a self-help book can transform your life. As I said in the book, “You can heal your life” and it showed me the way to come out of depression and lead a healthier life.  Books and people have immense power and it’s all about choosing and letting things guide you. What resonates with you is your truth. Through this book, I want to create leaders where I want the people to feel the power of my words and allow themselves to grow.

The last question: As an energy form, can love heal or it goes much beyond that as a powerful medium for growth?

Love is the ultimate truth. It is the most positive and highest form of energy. It heals everything and everyone. It’s the most powerful tool you can have. So, work on breaking all the barriers you have built against love as Rumi says, “What you are seeking is seeking you”. Be open to love and the healing power.





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      1. Yes, and who inspire us to aim for the positive. People seem to focus on the negative aspects much more (and I’m sometimes guilty of that). Getting this kind of reminder is always good.

      2. Don’t know about your part of the world, but Hungarians love to complain and will always find a reason to. Glad I skipped that part of my genetic makeup. Though the irony of my statement does not escape me.

      3. I guess it’s human nature. As Indians we are critical and love to argue and the country I am based, Mauritius it’s more or less the same with majority being Indian immigrants. I guess it’s a cultural trait but I believe that we need to be go getters than whining.

      4. Absolutely. Best example that comes to mind is the guy who created Lazy Town. Said he kept hearing how people would complain about kids getting fat and lazy, but no one was doing anything about it. So he did something about it and created a TV show for kids to inspire them to move.

      5. I think this is what we need in terms of someone taking the leap of faith and doing something rather than boasting or whining. More power to him:) Thanks for letting me know about that guy.

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