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Leaking of Vinod Khanna’s picture, despicable trolls and privacy violation

I am angry with social media and its populace who think that everything is permissible at their whim and fancy in the online world. The trolls who make their own laws and dictate terms at the cost of someone’s privacy is the tale of a script gone horribly wrong in their quest to have a free rein and seeking cheap thrills. We often do not realize how much harm can be done to someone and their family going through a personal ordeal, or struggle when we wrongly like, share or retweet pictures.

It was shocking to see a massively shared picture of superstar Vinod Khanna on social media where he is seen in an ailing state with his family and allegedly suffering from prostate cancer. Such insensitivity in sharing the picture with don’t know how many likes, retweets, shares and what’s not on social media is a matter of utter disbelief. I was distraught to see the picture of Vinod Sir allegedly fighting a disease and the latter still remained to be confirmed, has been reduced to ridicule. How low can we stoop as human beings? This shows a total scant of regard and lack of respect for someone and his family going through testing times. Social media have again shown its ugly face. It makes me wonder how little we realize what someone or his family goes through in the face of illness.  By mocking the person, we are making fun of every single person suffering from cancer. We should be ashamed of ourselves for indulging in such an insensitive and despicable act. The very least we could have done is to tweet the family members our best wishes for the recovery of Vinod Khanna Sir, a man who won our hearts and that of our parents as an entertainer in the business of cinema.

Mocking someone’s illness is petty. Sharing his or her picture in an ailing condition on a public forum is hitting below the belt and makes me wonder what kind of thrill people seek. We don’t realize how much it hurts the person who may not know what is going on in the outside world. A family is at the receiving end and the worse thing is the fake rumors that did the round yesterday on Whatsapp that Vinod Khanna has succumbed to cancer. The man doesn’t deserve such unkindness when he is waging a personal battle taking into account that the treatment of cancer can be traumatic. I think people who have overcome cancer can testify to this. Certainly, the people who mocked the actor’s illness wouldn’t like it if they or their family members one day go through this phase in life.

It is such a gross invasion and violation of the person’s privacy whose family wanted to stand in the same frame with him in the hospital.  It is sad not just for the person or his family who deserve empathy but the ones who leaked the picture.  It reflects on their level of education and upbringing.  What did they get in doing such a thing? Just because he is a celebrity and film actor, does he deserve such a treatment on social media?

It’s such a huge disrespect to Vinod Sir and such gimmicks on social media should be stopped. It sometimes makes me wonder on the level of freedom trolls get on social media and I honestly believe that a case should be built against them.  The actor who contributed immensely to Hindi cinema through his sheer incredible talent simply doesn’t deserve such a lack of respect. Stop sharing this picture and let the family be in peace.

Get well soon, Vinod Sir








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17 thoughts on “Leaking of Vinod Khanna’s picture, despicable trolls and privacy violation

    1. Thanks Mahek. I find it shameful that this picture went viral and he doesn’t deserve such unkindness. There are strong and low points in our life. You’ve put it with such a sensitive heart.

      1. I saw it yesterday I prayed silently. I hope we all support each other whether big or small we are humans. God created us to make this world more beautiful hope we understand this soon!

      2. I am also sending good wishes so that Vinod Sir recovers. We must spread positive vibes, like you said Mahek for it makes a chain around the globe where our actions weigh on the other. We are all connected.

  1. This is how low people have stooped. It’s shocking and sad to see people trolling over the news. While I believe in the opinion that a public figure has no privacy I believe in giving people the space they need.

    1. Thanks Parul. I agree that a public figure may have no privacy but like you said, in such times they deserve their space and kindness. It’s horrible what people do on the online space. A minimum of human dignity is needed.

  2. It is absolutely shameful.The shocker was when I saw a picture of Adesh Shrivsatva’s death procession being marked as passing away of Vinod Khanna.
    I pray and hope he recovers soon.
    Thanks for bringing this up Vishal.

    1. Thanks for dropping and sharing your views. It was so shameful and I saw it. Cheap thrills and what else. I am also praying that he recovers and the lack of respect reflects on the people.

    1. Yeah swear Saru. What are we becoming as humans on this media platform when we think everything is legitimate. It’s mass violence. We should speak against this mob culture which was unbecoming and insensitive. Hope he recovers soon.

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