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Sex with an ex (8)

The mind wandered between putting an end to the whole thing and at the same time, gathering her wit, telling the whole truth to Rohini. Over time, the two women became the best of friends. One night, Anita’s world came crashing down when she saw Rohini having a showdown with Ajay in the hotel lobby.

She followed the movements between Rohini and Ajay who dashed out like a storm. Rohini was tripping with the alcohol running inside her vein, fuming and her hands trembled when Anita ran towards her. She innocently asked, “What’s wrong, Rohini?” The latter was trembling, “Arrey! It’s my ex-husband. What a bastard he is. I mean, we live under one roof but we don’t have any relationship. I just discovered his affair with his ex. I am sure he is banging that bitch. I will get that bitch killed.” Anita was silent and went numb.

Anita couldn’t comprehend what’s happening with Ajay who turned out to be Rohini’s husband and the latter plotting to kill her. Her phone rang and as the number flashed on her screen. She almost fainted. It was her fiancée, the man who is controlling her with a remote control. During the past few months, Anita has turned into a swindler, siphoning million from a random company’s account, transferring funds into her bank account.  The man at the end of the phone ordered,” Hey baby! What are you doing losing your time with a random woman in the hotel?.” It pierced her heart. She turned around to see if he was following her and it was impossible with random men and women swirling in and out. She is being watched. She knew for sure.

The guy said, “Back to business, business. It’s the last assignment and I promise not to make your life hell anymore. We will live happily after with loads of money and rule over the city.

Anita couldn’t muster the courage to refuse and nodded her hand, stammered with a hesitating, ‘Y-e-s’. She took her laptop bag and scampered into her green Maruti Swift, driving recklessly to reach the hotel room where she put the machine on.

She scanned her laptop to steal the password from the corporate giants since she came across that they are going to do the biggest business tie up in Mumbai that makes the stocks run into a tizzy. Her fiancée wanted to cash on that to make crores by stopping the deal and the only way is to hack the emails and block the company’s account. It’s like a fortress. She knew it. She took a sip of a cappuccino when she incidentally stumbled on an email that was left open which someone forgot to close in a hurry.

It felt like a Pandora box and a volcano that hit her on the head. What, how, why! Fuck! Oh my God! He is having an affair with a powerful lady and they’ve been conspiring to use and kill me after the deal is closed. Oh! I am trapped! Anita couldn’t believe her eyes. She hit the keyboard in frustration. A fear ran down her spine and she felt like her would explode. “So…I’ve been used as a scapegoat…the whole engagement and that woman knows me to the core…Everything was a trap…”

The ringtone screeched inside her ear like a cry of despair that compelled Anita to pick it up. “Listen! No, I don’t want to hear anything. Just come and meet me near the Railway Station…No time to argue with you. Both of our lives are in danger. Yes! Rohini! It’s my wife. She is behind everything. We need to save our skins,” Ajay’s voice crackled as if he encountered the face of death.

To be continued…





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