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Har ek friend on Sunday and things like that!

You know what’s the best feeling on earth? When you make first calls on your brand new phone to your closest and bestest friends, no matter how far away distance separate you from your folks. Saat Samundar Par is just another excuse. The first call was made at  Dadar in Amchi Mumbai where the best buddy is nestled with his wife. Love birds and new couple. Ha! He told in a whatsapp message that he got rear ended on his way back home when three cars stumbled to hit each other. Thank the stars, no one were hurt or bruised.

The first call was made and we spoke for a good half an hour about the lazy Sunday in Mumbai. Shit man! How much I miss that place? The conversation verged on my impending relocation plan and the first thing in his mind was don’t come back, till I get a well-paying job since the place is getting so expensive by the day and it’s becoming increasingly difficult for bachelors to secure a place in the city. Travelling can be taxing, he said. My thought harked back to my routine travel by the local train and which is really my comfort level. That was form another era.

Despite me being out of the city and the country for hell long time, I reasoned that it shouldn’t really be an issue. After all, it’s a matter of time to get back to the grind despite the 8-year-itch. He doesn’t travel by Mumbai local nor BEST buses. I teased him about how he has become the typical NRI. We discussed and agreed on the possibility that I can consider moving to the outskirts, Navi Mumbai and places like Vashi, Kandivali or Thane. It would make it easy to travel through the harbor lines and not the western route, he argued.

Still, he doggedly believes that travel is a drudgery of sort. The conversation was done. I felt bad of not being able to shift owing to issues made by homeowners of denying a roof to bachelors. You know the whole so-called social norms and what’s not! It’s such a fuck-all feeling of wanting to shift but not being able to do so based on economic reasons.

I had a networking event to attend along with a colleague and friend for the Bangladesh Independence Day as part of our job for the website when she along with her husband was supposed to pick me up past 5. I reached the place one hour earlier and sat at the coffee shop, sipping cappuccino and reading magazine and stuff. I love to sit in coffee shops to read and drink coffee. It’s my idea of relaxation. The whatsapp call buzzed and it was Meghna from Mumbai, whom I was trying to call subah on the new handset. After all, what better way to use the new phone than calling close friends?

She was my first caller on the new phone. We spoke for a good 20 minutes about her work, lack of holiday by working crazy round the clock, meetings we both abhor attending and of course, Mumbai. I think that I am going to turn into a sentimental memory freak for the rest of my life, hanging on to the past and wanting to reclaim the life that went by. A lovely conversation about everything under the sun, right from munching Maggi  as quick but unhealthy bite to fill up and both us looking for extra freelance work. Naturally, the conversation hovered on housing in the city and how everything is fine, except renting a home. Mumbai can truly be called Sankat in the city.

There are few Sundays like that which ends in the company of friends over the phone, travelling and working together. In today’s stressful times, the only thing that makes us sane and healthier is the company of friends…har ek dost zaroori hai!






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6 thoughts on “Har ek friend on Sunday and things like that!

  1. What is it about this city that you love it and hate it? Mumbai is a hard city to relocate to even if you have a tonne of money…..on the other hand it is like a drug that makes you want to come back for more

    1. There is only love and obsession for the city that grows on you. It makes it so hard to chuck it from your system. There is no hate for Mumbai. The hitch is the money thing but as you rightly puts it, it’s a drug that one cannot live without. Thanks for dropping:)

  2. Vishal- we share the love for same city. The time I spent in Mumbai made me fall in love with everything it offers- Rains, local, vada pao, missal pao, dahi puri, beaches, strolling at marine drive, late night ice cream outings and what not. It was the best time of my Life, really. I never crib while in the city.

    1. Aha! Truly Upasna. I spent wonderful years, Monsoon, enjoying cutting chai under the water, of course Chowpatti beach munching misal pao, pani puri, trains and double decker buses and what’s not. I so miss the city. I fell in love in Mumbai and with Mumbai:) Thanks for reading:)

    1. haha! I’ve been out of FB…lol and dunno what happening. But, true I’ve met long lost friends there. Whatsapp works because of the free calls and messages with a net connection. And, I vehemently opposed to be on whatsapp for 2 years or so. Thanks for dropping, Sharmistha:)

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