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Insaan phone leta baat karne ke liye…New phone

Insaan phone leta hai baat karne ke liye! How I love this Kajol and Ajay Devgan ad for Tata DoCoMo made ages ago which, so far, I haven’t been able to find on YouTube. The tagline still rings fresh in my memory which played in my mind yesterday while on the hunt for a new handset which I finally got after more than four years. No! It’s not the i-phone that I was dying to buy. It’s actually very phunny what played out during the last 48 hours which is no less than a film climax.

I cannot trust myself. I am indecisive by nature. I was so sure to bag the iPhone 7.  It happened on the spur of the moment after reading at length about the new special iPhone edition that will hit the market in September for Apple 10th anniversary and it’s gonna be a kick ass iPhone with glass and stainless steel coated design plus wireless charging.


Finally, I laid my hand on the Sony Xperia T 3 which was released in 2015 and got it for 7.9 k. It’s a totally cool gizmo worth its price. I am already in love with the white color. My old HTC is also white and guess I have an old relationship with the purest of colors.

First, I zeroed on the slim LG X-cam which I was again convinced to buy and was sure that nothing could come between us. But, then you can’t trust me. After reading mixed reviews on the LG battery dying super fast and taking the hell of a time charging to full, I again changed my mind. The best thing and what works for me is conducting a survey with friends’ and acquaintances. A techie friend words were that LG is an absolute No and I called the best friend, Adi, in Mumbai who suggested  Motorola, Blackberry, Samsung or HTC. Now, the country where I am based doesn’t ship Motorola. I visited a shop where I was sold on the Xperia. I asked him to get the phone switched on to check the settings.

Second thoughts! I am quite confused at a mental level and told the salesman that I need a color than white.  I left the shop and took the bus to visit several other shops in a mall, thinking hard about a mid-range Samsung, saw an old Xperia model on display whose price was slashed and was tempted by Xiaomi or Huawei for few seconds. My friend Shruti was bugged to no end and since she owns a Xiaomi, she suggested for it’s not too expensive. I kept bugging and threw options at her. She told Xperia is fine. I again hailed the bus to visit few other shops, whining time to choose between Samsung and other brands. The best friend, Adi pinged back and gave his nod on the Xperia. It was decided. I would go back to the first shop. I took a whole day to buy a phone.

The only hitch is the location where I was, there was no bus service covering the 4 km distance and I was left with no option but to walk. On my way, I met my neighbor who thought the Xperia is fun and the white color is not an issue since I can get a cover of my choice. I kept walking. I saw from a distance my boss in her car. We waved to each other. It was funny like she told me later.

Finally, I got the white coated Xperia T 3 and all kinds of questions were flung to the poor salesman.  Yes! I do that from time-to-time with people making their life hell and it pisses them to no end with such a pesky customer. Ahem! Ahem! Do they have a choice to throw me away?! I bet no. Finally, all was done and waved goodbye to my old companion and loyal HTC One X friend that served me good for four years. Every relationship hit a rocky storm and the old handset was giving me issues with sound and touch. It became impossible to speak to someone in a public space or bus.  I wasn’t done yet with my woes for when I tried to remove the micro sim from the old phone, the white coated lid broke. I called the neighbor past 10 p.m and finally, the tray was removed. It saved me the ordeal of getting a new phone number and messaging everyone with the new number.

Getting a new handset is quite stressful for me. I need the opinion and validation of others to help shape my decision. The funny thing with me is that I normally decide on one handset and settle on something else. It has always been like that and I have a history of sort.  Ages ago, I wanted to buy the Nokia 6600 but landed the cool Nokia 3220 and the last time was epic when I wanted the Xperia but only got the HTC One X. Finally,  Xperia came four years later.

I am still learning how to use it and being tech challenged, it will take me quite some time with the numerous applications, storing phone numbers which are issues for the only worthwhile thing that I’ve been able to do was shift some contacts from Google.

It’s a super slim phone and what I like is the Walkman icon which is cherry on cake since there was a bygone era where I was completely fida over the W series. I always wanted to buy that but never did.  Guess, justice is done.

My prized possession brought back memory flash with the first phone, a second-hand black Alcatel bought with hard saved money to the Nokia 3310 on my first day in Mumbai witnessing the monsoon, the 3230 hand set before settling on HTC and now Xperia. And, I bought this one for cash and no EMI for I saved some cash with Mom’s friend in a chit fund.





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