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Sex with an ex (7)

The car twisted and collapsed, bearing the brunt of fire that ravaged the hard steel as the flame ballooned in the air like the shot of arrows resembling fireworks on Diwali day.  Two unknown bodies were charred to death and skins interspersed with carbon, looked like skulls on display that the police barricaded the entire area in South Mumbai. In no time, the two humans making love in the car turned into a mass of flesh glued to each other like one whole particle. Even in death, destiny didn’t dare to separate them.

The car was ravaged by fire that consumed every pound of flesh ruthlessly. Ajay and Anita would never think to meet this tragic fate, not even in their wildest imagination while playing hide-and-seek with each other and running away from the world. Ajay longed for her. Anita’s heart was in the right place but wanted to break away from him.  The fear of being judged and sandwiched between two men made her feel guilty. Two hearts that longed for each other, making love in the unlikeliest of places and charred to death naked. It was the day she would meet Ajay for the last time and waving goodbye to him but both reached their end together, bidding farewell to life.


Glasses of wine clinked in the suburban five-star hotel room. It was time for celebration. The good news ring in when two bodies were burnt into ashes and the human flesh was dead to the world. Nobody could recognize them. Anita and Ajay never came home. It was a sweet revenge as the stranger man untied the bra of Rohini. She winked at him. “Job done, baby. No one in the world would ever know about them and us….our identities is now hidden to the world. We are going to get away with crime. Poor Anita! How she was used by her fiance who was sleeping with her ex’s wife,” she laughed.

The man took a cigarette drag and snigger at the ways of the world. How humans turn into devil! It’s the power of money filled with dirt that ravages life. Who is dead to the world and who is not? Life is a labyrinth that makes people spin around, chasing money and end up using each other for terrible ends, he pondered.  She inched closer to him on the couch as his hand ran down on her back, caressing her voluptuous breast and she pressed her legs on his stomach. It didn’t excite him. He became lifeless. During the last 72 hours, his life took strange turns uncovering the truth of humans that sent an electric shock down his body. He wouldn’t believe his eyes how humans can turn into turncoats and vultures who would suck the blood for the power of money. Life is a game of chess. He couldn’t imagine that one one day his ingeniosity would push him to murder ruthlessly. It was not him but the dirty mind at play who ruled to commit the most heinous crime.

After all, he had no choice. It was a question of survival and saving lives that murder was committed. Rohini fell asleep. He gently moved past her and put her head on the pillow to sneak on the balcony. It was not the end of it, he knew that. He lit another cigarette and has stopped to trust his identity. Does he have one, he wondered. Who is that woman sleeping inside? One could never know for she may fake her existence. Should he trust her? The world wouldn’t know of the game being unfurled right in front of their eyes. Four individuals, two gruesome murders. Sleeping with an ex is fraught with danger. He played a savior. She schemed the whole things. Her mind traveled faster than light. God knows what she was thinking in her sleep. He must be wary now. She cannot be trusted 100 per cent. He knows that.

It was on the spur of the moment that he decided that both should change their identities to avoid being caught for no one was sure of what lies ahead. He wouldn’t be known by his name, ever. It’s done, buried and dusted.  Everything happened in the blink of an eye as he remembered running from pillar to post, chasing death and battling all powers mounting a partnership with Rohini. Death stared at them.

To be continued.










Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

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    1. hehe If you ever get time do read the earlier chapters. Guess, will have 2 to 3 chapters more then khallas. Btw, wrote first one in Dec 2011 and only last year decided to relive it. Would you believe that?

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