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Life is like a MoMo!

The year started on a roll and it felt like munching on one of my favorite snacks, the Nepali Momo. It was a bang on start, opening up newly chartered avenues to explore where I suddenly found myself holding corporate media training for one of our clients. It’s been a superb learning experience and foraying into one area considered ‘huge’ in countries like India, Europe and the states. I was toying with the idea to write this post for a  very long time but having the time now only. It’s been the year of change where good things fell on your lap and you keep working hard, determined and persevere in raising the bar higher.
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I am never tired of saying it: I am in a very happy space and working from here is a dream come true. Not in my wildest fantasy, I could ever think of being a stay-at-home dude and earning decently fine money as a consultant and freelance writer, getting to explore new arenas that are alien to me. Indeed, it’s such a huge opportunity where one should learn never to say No to huge challenges coming one’s way.

It started on January 7 when we gotta train corporate leaders for a one-day seminar and before that, meeting with the team ensured and discussion how to proceed further. We watched videos on YouTube comparing the interviews of figures like Donald Trump and Nicolas Sarkozy, studying their body languages in televised interviews spanning over one year or even five years, for that matter. For instance, Donald Trump present avatar is the result of media training where he is more aware than he was perhaps, five years back. It’s one niche area where you can earn big time and I did so for the one-day training. Nowadays, corporates engaging with the media are more and more willing to hire a firm or set of individuals offering media training services. Being a journalist, I have dealt a lot with different kind of people and my ground experience helped me a lot during the presentation.

I have always been scared of public speaking and this form of media training helped me battle my inner demons as well as giving me cues to work on my weaknesses as a professional. I need to be more composed and learn to speak slowly, something that demands lots of hard work. Hold your breath, Vishal! It’s something that I am very keen to work on and intend to hone my craft by taking courses to further explore this field, which in turn, will help me make the moolah by offering my services. One should never shy away from re-inventing the self in today’s global world for we are all brands and I have every intention to be one, from journalism, freelance writing to blogger and now, consultant.

The second most amazing news happened very much earlier during the year and it was something I wasn’t aware at all since I have been off major social media like Facebook where I deactivated my account temp for a break as well as the fact of turning timidly shy on Twitter. It happened through the blog. I am amazed how blogging can do wonder and justice to your writing skills. Yes! Huff Post India covered me, or if you want, my blog on January 4. It happened one day at random clicking on blog stats and referrals. I randomly clicked the link and wondering why Huff Post link would appear on my blog. It was accidental and purely by chance that I did the whole thing. Just imagine my surprise, feeling as if winning the lottery jackpot. It was last year when an author contacted me on Facebook for the brief review of her book: Sonal Gupta Bewafa Nahin Hai/I am not a Betrayer. Like it often happens with me, once I do a review, I never go back to the post or reading it now and then. It was the biggest candid or surprise celebrity moment of being featured by something as big as Huff Post India. Check the link here.

Life comes full circle when you least expect. There were superb moments and minuses, too like my India travel postponed. Hopefully, it should happen soon. On the eve of the media training, I got new spectacles which I ordered through my friend Meghna from Mumbai since the country I am based it is shit expensive. It couldn’t be a better start to the year. I am also enjoying my regular yoga class with the same Guru I’ve been for four years and do practice thrice a week at home. Guru-ji always jokes that he has taught me for long but I always forget the steps.

Chal! I shall leave you and wish Happy Monday.